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ULiB and integrated ALPHA battery

The complete range of powerful and durable batteries

PELLENC’s range of backpack or tool-integrated batteries offers green space maintenance professionals the benefit of the experience of the world’s leading manufacturer to have introduced lithium-ion technology into its battery power tools. ULiB (Ultra Lithium Battery) backpack batteries offer an excellent power-to-weight ratio and let you use your tools intensively. With the ULiB 1200 and 1500 batteries, you can work from one to three full days without recharging. As for the ALPHA 260 and 520 integrated batteries, they offer an alternative to petrol motors without the need to make compromises. Adapted to the balance and ergonomics of your power tools, they provide you with the longest battery life.

Built to last
  • Very high-capacity lithium-ion cells tested in harsh working conditions.
  • Life span of more than 1,300 charge cycles* for ULiB 1200-1,500 batteries (> 5 years) and more than 800 charge cycles* for ULiB and ALPHA batteries
  • 80% recyclable batteries
    * At PELLENC, the number of cycles (cycle = charge + full discharge) corresponds to a 20% decrease in the capacity of the battery that remains usable.
Adaptable to any situation
  • The widest range of backpack batteries on the market for the entire PELLENC range of battery power tools.
Zero CO² emissions and record savings
  • Over its lifetime, a 1500 battery can get as much work done as 7,000 litres of petrol and 135 litres of blending oil.
  • Daily cost €0.22*
    * Rate corresponding to a cost of €0.15/kWh in France



Extra-slim, compact, the ULiB 1500 sets a new benchmark for the ergonomics of power tools.

It allows the backpack battery to be clipped to the harness with one hand for quick and easy installation.

The natural ventilation of the cells via a sealed ventilation system ensures maximum battery efficiency.

The tool can be plugged in at the top of the battery or at the bottom, as you prefer.

The ULiB 1500 has an on/off button at the top and another at the bottom for easy access whatever the wearing position.

The battery display is backlit for easy use at all times. It shows the:

  • Navigation buttons
  • Power "On" indicator
  • % charge remaining
  • Charging in progress/completed
  • Hour counter

Lightweight, with a streamlined and compact design, the ULiB 750 battery has been developed to work with all PELLENC battery-powered tools.

The Alpha integrated batteries have been designed for PELLENC’s new range of powerful and well-balanced tools for professionals, consisting of the Excelion ALPHA edger and the Helion pole-mounted hedge trimmer.

Easy to install and maintaining the balance of the tool, Alpha integrated batteries make it easier to work in green spaces and deliver optimal battery life.


Soil cultivator
pruning shears
pruning shears


ULIB 1500
5H*5H*6H*6H*> 3 DAYS*> 3 DAYS*> 3 DAYS*


ULIB 1200
4H*4H*5H*5H*> 2,5 DAYS*> 2,5 DAYS*> 2,5 DAYS*


ULIB 750
2H30*2H30*3H*3H*1,5 DAY*1,5 DAY*1,5 DAY*


Alpha 520
2H*2H*1H30 - 3H30*4 - 6H*4 - 6H*1H30 - 3H30*


Alpha 260
40 MIN - 1H45*2H - 3H*1H30 - 2H30*1H - 2H*


1H30 - 3H30*1H30 - 2H30*40 MIN - 2H*> 12H*> 15H*


> 9H*

With PELLENC, the number of cycles corresponds to the moment when the battery has lost 20% of its capacity. It can still be used nonetheless.
*On slow or quick charging.
**On slow charging only.



 150P250ALPHA 260ALPHA 520ULiB 750ULiB 1200ULiB 1500
Weight (without harness) – kg0.8451.682.
Voltage - V43.
Capacity - Ah35.861217.252835
Stored energy – Wh13025026052074512211527
Average service life - Cycles8001000800*800*800**1300**1300**
Charging time to 100% – h853 h 45 min (2.2A)
2 h 45 min (3.75A)
6 h 30 min (2.2A)
4 h 30 min (3.75A)
9 h (2.2A)10 h (3.75A)12 h (3.75A)
Quick charge to 100%
Quick Charger 7.6A – h
(70%) 30 min
(100%) 1 h 45 min
(70%) 1 h 00 min
(100%) 2 h 30 min
(70%) 1 h 30 min
(100%) 3 h 15 min
(90%) 4 h 00 min
(100%) 5 h 30 min
(90%) 5 h 00 min
(100%) 7 h 00 min

With PELLENC, the number of cycles corresponds to the moment when the battery has lost 20% of its capacity. It can still be used nonetheless.
*On slow or quick charging.
**On slow charging only.

Storage box

Storage box that can contain 1 ULiB battery (400, 700, 750, 1100, 1200, 1500) or 2 Alpha batteries (260, 520) + 1 charger.
Ref. 118544

Alpha charging dock

Wall kit for recharging Alpha batteries.
Ref. 5657240

Financing offers

With PELLENC Financial Solutions, it has never been easier to go green!


“Very good battery life. Our batteries, which are almost 10 years old, still deliver the same battery life. The technology has now developed to the point where we can use it to replace almost all the petrol-fuelled equipment.”

Jean-Baptiste Perrot
Training Manager for the Vocational High School Diploma in Landscaping
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