Hedge Trimmer

The new generation professional electric hedge trimmer

A real concentrate of power and simplicity, HELION 3 is now THE reference in professional battery-powered hedge trimmers for the maintenance of green spaces. Ultra versatile with its 3 cutter blades in that can be interchanged in 1 minute, it guarantees perfect cutting back and finishing work. Its exceptional cutting capacity allows it to cut sections up to 3 cm in diameter in complete safety. It allows you to work in any weather with up to a full day of autonomy. HELION 3 makes pruning and trimming easy!

For a professional job

  • 3 cm diameter cutting capacity for perfect cutting back and finishing work
  • 4 cutting speeds to adapt the job and vegetation type
  • 3 cutting blades to choose from, interchangeable in 1 minute

Maximum working safety

  • Exclusive anti-jamming system for easy release without breakage
  • New ergonomic design of the blade guard to reduce the risk of cuts
  • Double trigger safety start on the rear handle

Uncompromised working comfort

  • Robust 2.25 mm thick cutting bar, with 33 mm spacing between teeth and tooth height of 23 mm
  • Stainless steel anti-kickback guard
  • Quick connection and disconnection of the tool to the battery
  • IP54 waterproof rating to continue working even in the rain

Adaptability to the vegetation diameter

  • 3 interchangeable blades
  • ULiB 250, 750, 1200, 1500 and Alpha 520, 260 battery operation

Always resourceful

  • Long lifespan
  • Up to a full day of battery life with the ULiB 750 battery



HELION 3 incorporates an exclusive device that reverses the direction of rotation of the motor if the cutting bar gets stuck in the vegetation.

The HELION 3 professional electric hedge trimmer has a blade guard, an aluminium stiffener, carbon steel blades and a stainless steel anti-kickback guard.

The 4 cutting speeds of HELION 3 make it possible to adapt to the type of species to be trimmed/pruned and to better manage the autonomy of the equipment.

The different sized hedge trimmer blades can be mounted and dismounted in 1 minute.

The new ergonomic design of the blade guard provides additional safety for the user against the risk of cuts.

The professional HELION 3 battery-powered hedge trimmer is started by pressing the trigger on the rear handle twice, after checking that the front handle is working properly.

HELION 3 allows quick connection and disconnection of the tool to the battery during work sessions to get out of any risky situation fast.


Power – W1,200
Tool voltage – V43.2
Hedge trimmer blade – cm51 / 63 / 75 
Weight* tool + hedge trimmer blade – Kg3.4 / 3.55 / 3.7
Tooth spacing/pitch – mm 33
Tooth height – mm23
Tooth thickness – mm2.25
Blade speeds – cps/mn3200 to 3800
Sound pressure (LpA)** - dB(A) - uncertainty KpA: 1.5 dB (A)80
Guaranteed sound pressure (LWA)** - dB(A) - uncertainty kWA: 2 dB(A)93
Vibration emission values** at the handle - m/s2ah = 3.4
Protection rating/sealingIP54


* Compliant according to standard EN 62841-1 §5.17.
** Values determined according to noise measurement standards NF EN ISO 11201, NF EN ISO 3744.
*** Vibration emission values at the handle determined according to EN 62841-4-2: 2019 - uncertainty of K=1.5 m/s2.


The new HELION 3 professional battery-powered hedge trimmer allows fine and precise cuts like never before. The hedge trimmer blade does not chop leaves or wood and gives a nice finish to the vegetation. 


Villa Louise, Ramatuelle, France

400gr cartridge for greasing the reduction gear of the hedge trimmer blades.
ref.: 115174


51 cm – ref. 54 56205
63 cm – ref. 54 56206
75 cm – ref. 54 56207
Deflector (for blade 63 cm) 
ref. 54 57097


For cleaning and lubricating the cutting elements, contains 400 ml.
For hedge trimmer blades with an aluminium stiffener.
ref.: 121633


The manual grease pump is really easy to use, convenient, and compatible with 400 g cartridges.
ref.: 68518


The 10.30m male/female extension cord makes it possible to work with the battery on the ground.
ref.: 100994

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