At PELLENC, we have always been looking for new ways to make your work easier and more efficient. To achieve this, in addition to efficient and innovative equipment, we also offer fruit growers our advice, based on our skills and know-how acquired in orchards all over the world. By offering solutions that combine quality and cost-effectiveness, we are committed to helping growers develop an economical, sustainable, and efficient orchard.

For reasoned, reasonable,
and sustainable fruit growing,


An economical and sustainable olive growing sector.

PELLENC is helping the olive growing sector, which is increasingly standardized, make the switch to a new model of orchard. Just like with vines, olive growing is defined by the regions where it is practised and local traditions, producing iconic and esteemed products that are the future of agricultural production. Our advice is centred on high-stem orchards, close to traditional practices, but original and innovative in concept and efficiency.

Organised in fruit hedges, with plantations of around 700 olive trees/ha (compared to 2,000-3,000 for super intensive plantations) is less capital intensive and allows for the use of native varieties, which can be cultivated and maintained with suitable machinery.

In this new model, innovative technical itineraries get the most out of the organic matter and the natural working of the soil, through a viable and coherent ecosystem with our equipment as part of it.


A mechanised harvesting method
for each type of orchard


PELLENC offers a variety of harvesting and maintenance systems for both traditional and fruit hedge orchards. They give you the means to optimise the quality of the fruit and improve the economic performance of your plantations, making them more viable and sustainable.

From the light and manoeuvrable OLIVION battery-powered shaker rake to the various harvesting systems and machines for mechanised cultivation, our advice is based on solutions suitable for each existing planting method and preserving the specific characteristics of your orchards.

For fruit hedges, PELLENC recommends harvesting by threshing with the CV 5045 towed harvesting machine, which enables work on trees up to a height of 4.5m and width of 2.5m, with harvesting of the fruit by means of suction. The process, which was developed for olive harvesting, is also very effective for almond harvesting.

For high-stem orchards, the harvest is carried out by controlled vibration of the trunk using the BUGGY 5000 S equipped with clamps mounted on a telescopic arm.

With the EXPAND R5090, PELLENC has also developed a system to replace harvesting nets. A tarpaulin automatically rolls out on the floor of the orchard for faster and higher quality work, making it possible to manage a worksite with a team of three people. This new system, designed for olive harvesting, is also suitable for cherry harvesting.

PELLENC provides you with a broad variety of harvesting solutions based on different technologies, depending on the type, size, and characteristics of your trees.

Expertise in pruning, central to PELLENC’s advice

The vine, which is a creeper, and the olive tree, which takes two years to germinate an olive, are the two most complex perennial trees to prune. But it is by working with those trees that PELLENC developed its recognised expertise in pruning and designed a range of professional pruning shears.

Orchard pruning, which involves understanding how the tree will develop in the future, strongly conditions its yield and sustainability. Based on our expertise in the care and health of plants, we recommend careful pruning, carried out by people with the help of suitable tools. This prevents the premature ageing and hardening of the wood, which is caused by pruning methods that do not examine and consider the condition of the tree. In this way, we obtain a longer orchard life, the first benefit of sustainable olive growing.

The proper training of your teams in these essential tasks determines the health of the plants and, in turn, the economic performance of your plantations. In order to optimise the management of your orchards, we provide you with educational resources for the training of your pruners and operators. Our subsidiary PELLENC Iberica recently opened its training school for operators of olive-growing machines.

Working with fruit growers for over forty years

For over 40 years, we have been assisting fruit growers by offering them innovative and sustainable solutions, combining production quality and the economic viability of their farms. The new orchard model to which PELLENC is committed today brings together experience acquired in the field and adapted harvesting equipment, within a cost-effective, sustainable, and high-performance eco-system.