PELLENC imagines, produces and markets tools and machines that allow winegrowers, arborists and professionals in the maintenance of green and urban spaces to facilitate their daily work.

Our approach is centred on three main ideas.

Our approach is centred on three main ideas.

  • Your productivity is always foremost in our thinking: all our products are designed to let you get your work done more quickly, more efficiently, and more effectively, whatever the task.
  • Every day, we strive to make your work more pleasant and less tiring: ergonomics, comfort, and ease of use are central to our concerns.

  • Lastly, we care for the natural environment in which we live. We develop products for tending and taking care of plants, and we opt for sustainable solutions in order to preserve the planet’s natural resources.

To combine high-performance with caring for people and the environment, PELLENC relies on a strength that has set us apart since our founding in 1973: our capacity for innovation. The men and women of PELLENC put their passion and energy into coming up with new ideas to help you get the most out of your work.

Our spheres of activity

PELLENC is recognised as the benchmark for mechanical solutions in three spheres of activity: vine growing & winemaking; olive & fruit growing; green spaces & urban cleanliness. Our cutting-edge technologies reduce our users’ environmental impact while ensuring their comfort and safety.

From the vineyard to the winery 

For more than 50 years, PELLENC has been making technological innovations (trimmers, pre-pruners, visionic sorting systems, electric pruning shears, tying machines, and more) that have shaped the history of viticulture. The Group has also developed the concept of multifunction, allowing multiple tools to be attached to a single carrier. This innovation makes it possible to carry out all the work of the vine, in all seasons, optimizing its profitability. 


The acquisition in 2013 of PERA, a major player in engineering solutions and manufacturer of wine equipment, marks a new stage for PELLENC. The Group can now support its clients in the development of projects to optimize sites or to create bespoke vineyards and wineries. PELLENC thus becomes the only player in the market to offer a complete and cross-cutting offer of the vines in the cellar, in France and internationally. 

In orchards and olive groves 

PELLENC has developed many solutions to mechanise the harvesting process. Its power tools are designed for areas with difficult terrain, olive trees called multi-trunks or small farms. Self-propelled machines such as the vibrator buggy are ideally suited to larger surfaces. A machine specifically designed for super-intensive plantings has also been developed. 


Like vine growers, fruit growers can get the benefit of PELLENC’s advice, skills, and know-how. By offering solutions that combine quality and cost-effectiveness, we are committed to helping growers develop an economical, sustainable, and efficient orchard. 

For green and urban spaces

On the strength of its experience making battery power tools—and as a trailblazer in lithium-ion batteries—PELLENC created the Green & City Technology division in 2008 to market its tools to those in charge of maintaining green and public spaces. Attentive to user comfort, safety, and concerned about the environment, the division develops and markets zero-emission products. Powered by durable batteries, PELLENC GCT’s tools offer powerful, lightweight, quiet, and environmentally clean solutions to effectively meet the challenges of the energy transition. 

Our values


We want to be better every day.
That ambition drives us forward, and enables us to offer you what you expect and deserve. Which is to say: the best.
High standards of quality, thorough attention to efficiency, synergy of individual talents to bring about collective success: we do our utmost to achieve our goal. Because, like you, we love a job well done and take pride in it.
We have that same drive.
Committed and motivated, our teams discuss, share, create, and give meaning to our work. We are all driven by our passion for the work. That passion inspires us, motivates us, and invites us to surpass ourselves every day. That is how our biggest projects come about.



We come from the world of agriculture.
Listening, sharing, trusting, we maintain the culture of the land and the quality of the bond that unites us. Our discussions are always constructive. They are full of ideas and innovative ways to explore how we can better meet your needs.
We cultivate this special relationship with our customers, partners, and employees. Together, we push the boundaries.

We always want to go further.
Reformulating, imagining, creating, materialising, innovation is in PELLENC’s DNA. We move forward always keeping in mind our final objective: to make your work easier and increase your productivity, while caring for nature.
And since innovation requires daring, PELLENC values initiative.
We are curious and ambitious, we are daring, we like to take on new challenges and develop the technological solution that will make the difference. All around the world, for you, our teams innovate, share, and help each other, to make the impossible possible.
We are attentive to the world around us.
Close to nature, we are committed to creating technological solutions and sustainable products in order to preserve our natural resources.
Making the work easier, reducing the time needed, and optimising the quality; productivity is central to our priorities.
We feel that it is essential to consider the needs of each customer, as well as each of our employees and partners. That attention makes it possible to create a privileged relationship and to serve our common interests together.
PELLENC: key figures

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