Since our company was founded in 1973, we have been working day by day with people who cultivate their vines and produce their wines with a passion akin to our own. To better meet your needs, PELLENC is constantly building on its know-how and developing its business lines to offer you high-performance products and solutions tailored to your needs, from winter pruning to grape harvesting to winemaking. Today, true to our desire to innovate, we are convinced that we must go even further together.

A unique and cross-disciplinary offer from the vineyard to the winery

The global wine market is constantly changing, ever more competitive and demanding, with consumers whose tastes have changed. A broad variety of factors continue to change the situation for the entire wine industry. Environmental and social pressures are on the rise, and the first effects of climate change are being felt, particularly with the modification of wine profiles and intensified weather risks. And lastly, workers who are qualified to use the complex equipment and technologies in the vineyard and the winery are hard to find and recruit.

Given all these factors, you are doubtless planning to shift your production model towards greater efficiency and sustainability, through more innovation, flexibility, and shared responsibility.

In order to respond to the challenges you face, which are also ours, we are now putting at your service our cross-disciplinary offer of expertise and advice from the vineyard to the winery. Its purpose? To work with you on projects for the optimisation of your sites or the creation of tailor-made vineyards and wineries.

What makes our offer unique?

Today, Pellenc is the only equipment manufacturer in a position to help you set up fully integrated wine production on your farm. As such, we can help you make the right technical choices throughout the whole process from your vineyard to your winery.

Because our approach considers both your product and your process. The coherence of the link between the raw material (the grape in the vineyard) and its transformation (the wine in the cellar) is the key to a successful outcome. When giving advice, we bring to bear our skills as equipment manufacturers, our know-how as designers of winemaking processes, and our expertise in terms of wine profiles and their suitability for your markets.

Because our methods are based on the measurement, analysis, and processing of data collected by our network in major vineyards all over the world. In this way, we provide you with a precise diagnostic analysis of your performance and potential, enabling you to make optimised decisions.

A broader scope of involvement for an integrated wine sector

First of all, we provide you with our advice in strategy and production management. Depending on your business model, we ensure the right match between your product, your market, and the production technologies needed to achieve your goals.


Once your product is finished in terms of volume, quality, cost, and time to market, we determine with you the most appropriate processes from the vineyard to the winery. Design and composition of the vineyard (type of soil, planting geometry, etc.), choice and sizing of equipment, vine growing equipment, technological solutions, determination of key stages and business rules, selection of control and management systems: everything is analysed and chosen according to your specifications.

We then remain attentive to your needs throughout the creation of your vineyard (planting, trellising, irrigation, etc.) and the installation of your various PELLENC vineyard and winery equipment. Our teams and experts liaise with you to manage the various stages of your project, from installation to delivery, training and technical assistance.


Lastly, we offer you innovative technological solutions (sensors, automated systems) to improve your control over your work and your processes, from vineyard to winery, in particular thanks to the possibilities of measurement offered by precision vine growing and Internet-connected equipment in the winery.


To meet your needs and overcome
challenges in ever better ways

Our primary ambition is to help you—from the vineyard to the winery—through the transition that the entire wine industry is aiming for today. We are here to enable you to better manage the ever-increasing amount of information, to improve, automate, and secure your production, and to better meet consumer demand in your markets.


To reach these objectives, our engineering and advice offer covers the entire value chain, from the definition of your production strategy to the creation of vineyards and wineries, along with the integration of state-of-the-art equipment and solutions. At each of these steps towards efficient and sustainable vine growing & winemaking, rest assured that our consultants and experts will always be at your side.