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With poles for the C45 pruning shears, you can easily prune trees up to 4 metres high. Quick and tool-free assembly allowing greater efficiency and comfort, with all-day battery life and the power you need at all times.

Choice of two pole lengths: 1.50 m or 2 m

  • The ergonomic oval-shaped tube in sturdy, lightweight aluminium (1.6 kg or 1.83 kg) is fitted with a practical, intuitive branch-pulling hook

It takes less than a minute to assemble

  • Assembly of the pole on the PELLENC battery powered pruning shears is tool-free, quick and effortless

An exceptional cutting head

  • Choice of two diameters of cutting head for optimized geometry and penetration of vegetation (+1 cm front clearance), guaranteeing excellent quality of cut

PELLENC motor control

  • Powerfully proficient, perfectly controlled trimming even at very low speeds for unrivalled precision

Standard equipment.

Cutting diameter (mm)45
Blade opening (mm)67
Weight (g)865
Sound power level** (LWA) (dB)74
Sound pressure level** (LpA) (dB)63
Motor speed (rpm)23,000
Pruning shears length (mm)295
Dimensions of the oval-shaped handle (h*w) (mm)40*38
Compatible batteries150P/250

Standard equipment.

Weight (g)8451,680
Maximum power (w)1,7301,730
Average service life (cycles)8001,000
Average battery-life with a C459 hrs*12 hrs*
Average battery-life with a C45 + M12 chainsaw9 hrs*
Multi-tools mode
Management of usage modes
Time to full charge8 hrs5 hrs

* depending on storage/charging/use conditions

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"The fact that we can remove the pole - and so also work with a simple hand-held pruning shears - allows us to use the tools over a much longer period of the orchard's life."

Mattieu Reigne
Gaec des 7 lieux
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