As caring for nature is one of our priorities, PELLENC comes up with innovative technological solutions to preserve and even increase the natural resources of our planet. And we do everything we can to make work easier for those who—like us—place caring for nature at the heart of their concerns. Ensuring high performance levels while preserving the comfort and safety of the user is a top priority for us in every innovation we develop. We feel that it is essential to consider the needs of each customer, as well as each of our employees and partners. This inspires a mutual trust that helps us work together toward shared goals.

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Caring for the environment

Pellenc takes a sustainable development approach that aims to limit the environmental impact of our activities.
We implement that approach across the board in the design of our products.


One of the most efficient strategies to reduce the environmental impact of a product is to extend its life. For many years, PELLENC has mobilised its R&D teams to offer ever-more sustainable products. In July 2023, PELLENC obtained the LONGTIME label for 4 of its references: the HELION 3 hedge trimmer, the AIRION 3 blower, and the 1200 and 1500 batteries.
LONGTIME is the leading independent European label which identifies and promotes products designed to last with a view to fighting against programmed obsolescence.


For PELLENC, sustainability is a must

PELLENC designs and manufactures professional-grade tools, motors, and batteries that are durable, sturdy, and repairable over time. We are committed to combating planned obsolescence. The Airion 3 blower has replaceable and repairable magnesium parts.

For over 10 years, many towns concerned about the environment have placed their trust in us. All PELLENC tools for professionals come with a 2-year warranty. Our battery models ULiB 750, 1200, 1500 and Alpha 260 and 520 are covered by a 3-year warranty.*

*Get the 3rd year of warranty coverage free of charge by signing up at within 3 months of the date of purchase

As a pioneering manufacturer of battery-powered tools, our experience has taught us how to build tools that deliver a long service life.

At PELLENC, we count the total number of charging cycles from the moment our batteries fall to 80% of their original charge capacity. However, those batteries can still be used for a few further years.

Recyclability, an objective in all our products

When we are designing any PELLENC product, our first objectives are to ensure a long service life in professional use and easy repairability. By extending the service life of our products, we significantly reduce their environmental impact. PELLENC also uses recyclable materials as a priority, and we mark the parts in our products with material codes to make the task of recyclers easier. Lastly, we make end-of-life data sheets available to recyclers to guide them through the process of dismantling our products.

Don’t hesitate to ask your distributor if you need more information on the conditions for collecting and returning your tools to their sales outlets. We also recommend going to the websites of environmental organisations that offer explanatory videos about the recycling network for WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) and batteries.

“Zero emissions”, a PELLENC concept with real-world benefits

For over 10 years, PELLENC has been investing heavily in the design and manufacture of a comprehensive range of “Zero Emissions” battery-powered tools. Today, all our models deliver equal performance levels (power, battery life) compared to equivalent conventional petrol tools, but without any of the direct carbon emissions.

Large Companies Awards

In 2014, PELLENC was rewarded by the French Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development as well as the Environment and Energy Management Agency In the category: “Eco-product for sustainable development”.

Ever more ergonomic products

Less noise pollution

Thanks to their “BRUSHLESS” electric motors, our battery-powered tools generate—in contrast to combustion motors—some of the lowest noise levels on the market, below the threshold of European standards requiring the wearing of hearing protection (< 85 dB). Noise measurements are directly related to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Weaker vibrations
Vibration is one of our main concerns. With each new generation of tools, our teams work to improve this essential parameter. For example, during the development of our new mower, we achieved the exceptionally low vibration level of 0.7 m/s2. Vibration measurements are also laid down in the Machinery Directive.
Less strain on the user

On average, our engineers spend two years coming up with and developing the most ergonomic PELLENC products. During that time, in order to make the work easier and reduce any risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), they carefully study the product’s weight, as well as the movements and effort required from the user. For instance, during the development of our new carrying harness, we made it a priority to distribute 70% of the weight onto the hips in order to ensure the user’s comfort. As for the Helion Alpha hedge trimmer, it is designed for optimal balance and an ideal centre of gravity as the user moves it through the plant growth.