At PELLENC, we are fortunate to be able to create unique opportunities. In line with our ambitions, skills, and vision for the future of the company, we are encouraged to constantly innovate. In the daily practice of our jobs, in the development of our careers or within our organisations, we have the ability to push the limits and go further together.

Encourage initiative


Because there is no innovation without daring, we value initiative. Whatever our experience or background in the company, we make each other better. The diversity of our business lines and know-how is an integral part of our identity.

Stay agile

Since our earliest days, we have experienced rapid and continuous growth. Now that we have become an international group, we want to maintain the agility and human scale of a medium-sized company. This allows everyone to flourish by working on projects all the way from conception to marketing. That vision of the whole is precious. It gives meaning to our actions and allows us to project ourselves into the future.

Learn every day

With the benefit of tailor-made training courses, we are constantly improving. Our knowledge-sharing policy also enhances all of our career paths. Constantly on the lookout, we learn every day. 

Remain close to our customers’ realities

In our business sector, authenticity is a guarantee of quality. We want to show ourselves as we are. We give priority to listening and discussion in constructive professional relationships that allow everyone to flourish.

Value the uniqueness of our employees

Every experience is unparalleled, every path through life is unique. We have constructed our sense of community on a foundation of respect for each individual. We advocate a caring and collaborative management style, where everyone’s ideas enrich a common vision and values.