Innovation has always been part of PELLENC's DNA.

In order to design our next generations of premium products and to continue to assert our position as a technological benchmark, PELLENC has developed a remarkable accumulation of integrated hi-tech skills. They are housed in our tech centre in Pertuis, which includes design offices, an electronic laboratory, and a prototyping workshop. A team of 200 engineers and technicians, experts and enthusiasts, combine all their areas of expertise: mechanics, hydraulics, physical and behavioural digital simulations, optics, vision, signal processing, energy conversion, circuit board design, electrical wiring and embedded software, robotics, connected tools, etc. They develop the technologies and projects that will optimise the way you work in the future.


At Pellenc, innovation is everyone’s business, and the first exploratory phases are participative, without preconceptions, limits, or taboos. We value initiative. At PELLENC, we get our end-users involved in the process of designing and developing new products by means of surveys, interviews, and working groups.


Once our tools and machines are on the market, our teams are constantly compiling data from the field. In this way, they quickly identify any possible areas for optimisation and immediately offer you any possible upgrades.

Our objective is to meet our customers’ needs and optimise their productivity. To make that happen, we take into account the principles of lean management, continuous improvement, and digitalisation. We have initiated a great many renewal projects and implemented an overall training plan to sustainably support changes in the organisation of production.

At every stage, the vocation of PELLENC R&D remains the same: to constantly innovate to better meet your needs.

The exemplary nature of the transformation of our manufacturing base has earned PELLENC the label “Vitrine Industrie du Futur” (Industry Showcase of the Future), awarded by the Alliance Industrie du Futur (AIF), and the Productivity Prize awarded by the Trophées des usines (2018).

PELLENC R&D in figures



million euros invested each year


120-150 active projects


Topics for prospective reflection outside of projects