A PELLENC product deserves manufacturer-quality maintenance. Entrusting your tool or machine to an official distributor of the brand guarantees a service carried out by certified professionals, who precisely know all the control points, work with original parts and use specific tools. Everything is scrupulously checked by the expert technicians of the group, thus ensuring the efficiency and the optimal lifespan of the equipment.

PELLENC Service responds to the immediate needs of users but also integrates their feedback and allows them to benefit from free upgrades resulting from the latest PELLENC technical advances.

Hotline SAV : 04 85 80 00 40

The network of authorised PELLENC distributors is authorised to repair PELLENC portable power tools.
The network technicians have been trained at the manufacturer's training centre. The annual maintenance operations performed according to the recommendations PELLENC guarantee the tool's durability over time and an optimisation of productivity. These tasks range from the complete assembly to the verification of safety devices and engines through to the inspection of the cutting heads and the lubrication of parts. All the information relating to annual maintenance tasks is available from your PELLENC dealer.

Our original certified parts: available and durable

To get the best performance and longest service life from your PELLENC equipment—as well as warranty coverage—original certified PELLENC replacement parts must be used. This ensures optimal use of your equipment.

Your authorised dealer is in direct contact with our replacement parts team.

All consumables are also available from our e-shop.

The PELLENC replacement parts department

- a catalogue of 12,000 available parts and products

- Repairability: parts availability up to 20 years

- 20,000 orders annually

- service rate of 98%

Tool reparability

Dans une démarche toujours plus responsable, PELLENC conçoit ses outils pour une durée de vie professionnelle.

Nos outils sont pensés pour être durables : ils sont démontables et réparables. Des services sont mis à disposition de l’ensemble de notre réseau de distribution pour faciliter la maintenance :

  • Des formations pour l’entretien et la réparation
  • Des procédures précises et documentées
  • Un logiciel de diagnostic pour les batteries

PELLENC s’engage sur la disponibilité des pièces pendant 10 ans à compter de la fin de production du produit.

Ces mesures augmentent la durée de vie d’un produit et participent à lutter contre l’obsolescence programmée.

Une seconde vie : tous ces engagements sur la réparabilité des outils permettent de proposer régulièrement à la vente des produits d’occasion reconditionnés.


Your equipment benefits from a manufacturer's warranty of 1 to 2 years, parts and labour (excluding wearing parts) on your machines, equipment and battery tools. An extended warranty of up to 5 years, depending on the product, can be offered in addition to the manufacturer's warranty. Implementation of the warranty is subject to the use of certified original PELLENC parts when carrying out maintenance of the equipment and compliance with PELLENC's maintenance recommendations.

You can benefit from a third year warranty free of charge on PELLENC pruning shears and batteries.

This offer applies to new equipment purchased in countries with a PELLENC distributor or importer participating in the operation for:

  • C35 and C45pruning shears purchased between 1 September 2022 and 30 September 2023
  • the following batteries: ULiB 150, 150P, 250, 750, 1200, 1500,Pack L, Pack M, Alpha 260, Alpha 520.


The offer is subject to the customer registering their Pellenc equipment on the website guarantee.pellenc.com within one month of the date of purchase. The warranty period commences on the date of purchase of the tool.

The provisions and services proposed in this section are aimed exclusively at French companies.

If you represent a European company, outside of France, and would like more information, please contact the relevant department > click here