Since its creation in 1973, the PELLENC Group has been close to the agricultural sector, green spaces and local communities, and has always placed environmental and social concerns at the heart of our strategy. In line with ever-changing regulations, we are constantly seeking to limit the impact of our activities on the environment and to support the sustainable development of local economies.

Products with a low environmental impact

We integrate our environmental approach into our products right from the design stage. For more than a decade now, we have been investing heavily in the
design, development, and production of a comprehensive range of products for vine growing, fruit growing, and maintenance of green and urban spaces. Powerful and quiet, with no CO2 emissions thanks to their “brushless” electric motor and the lithium-ion technology in our batteries, our battery power tools have enough battery life and power to match equivalent petrol-fuelled tools. Moreover, we pay great attention to their ergonomics and balance, reducing the strain on the user and the risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). As for our large machines and carriers, they are equipped with low consumption/low emission combustion engines complying with "Tier 4" regulations.

Employment and a local presence, are primary concerns of ours

PELLENC, a major player in local economic and social development, is the largest manufacturing company in the municipality of Pertuis, where our main site is located. The Group is the largest employer there: nearly a third of our 1,850 employees work in Pertuis, while 70% of them live less than 20km away. Each year, with nearly a hundred trainees and a dozen work-study apprentices, we contribute to training young people and integrating them into the workforce. When they are hired by the company, 70% are hired on permanent contracts.

As far as the local economy is concerned, two thirds of our equipment and raw material purchasing budget is invested in Europe in order to ensure the quality of the material and the proximity of our suppliers. Our various production sites are located in regions where the local agricultural activity (vineyards, orchards) is suited to our products and services. Thanks to our proximity to fruit growers and vine growers, we create employment and participate in local development.

An eco-responsible manufacturing model

To better reduce our environmental impact, we have set up a high-performance and eco-responsible manufacturing base that limits waste by organising short logistical circuits, bringing production closer to our markets, and integrating the processing of end-of-life products by approved eco-recycling organisations. Our battery factory has been set up in China as close as possible to the source of the raw materials, in order to limit our supply flows and thereby our carbon footprint. Our high environmental quality buildings meet eco-construction standards and our investments in smart processes ensure the conservation of natural resources.

The environmental footprint of the Pertuis site is close to that of a tertiary sector establishment, a notable achievement for a manufacturer.

An approach that is true to our values

Committed to our values of excellence and respect, we are passionate about designing and producing innovative and eco-efficient tools. Convinced that efficiency means reducing our impact on the environment and an enduring policy of sustainable development, we are faithful to our mission: working with nature, serving people.