Charging station

The charging station for your batteries

With the CHARGING STATION—which can hold up to 10 chargers—you can organise the charging of your batteries while saving time and money. This charging station manages all your batteries simultaneously and can suspend, maintain, or defer charging for each of them. Its display shows the savings in CO2 emissions and in euros compared to the use of petrol tools. With the CHARGING STATION, you control your consumption, save operating costs, and monitor the use of your batteries remotely. And once connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, it can send you all that information by email.

The Charging Station takes care of everything

  • Centralised management of all the batteries to optimise their charging time
  • Quick visualisation of the charge level to facilitate battery availability
  • Your batteries are kept charged automatically

Better managed power consumption

  • Defers battery charging to off-peak electricity times
  • Allows 10 chargers to be connected to a dedicated 16A power supply (no need to resize the electrical installation)
  • 10 batteries can be recharged simultaneously, including 2 on fast charging.

The Charging Station keeps everyone informed

  • Battery charging activity reports
  • Statistical data can be sent over a Wi-Fi connection
  • Several CHARGING STATIONS can be managed from a single interface
  • Customisable configuration: equivalent price and consumption of petrol, exchange rates, etc.

The Charging Station also contributes to safety

  • Neat battery charging area
  • No power strips

You can put one or more batteries on immediate, deferred, or paused charging.

You can see at a glance the electricity consumption and the savings in CO2 and in euros compared to a petrol tool.


Capacity10 battery chargers (including a maximum of 2 quick chargers)
Dimensions (L x H x W) - cm81 x 98 x 39
Weight without charger – kg75
Weight with 10 chargers – kg90


Financing offers

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“When we get back in the evening, each worker plugs in their battery. All I have to do is check on the screen before closing up and heading home.”

Albert Plessis
Talence, Gironde
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