SPO 40-150

The simple" high-quality, and smart press"

The new Smart Press range of pneumatic presses meets the needs of the most demanding winemakers. They are equipped with the latest innovations. Its straightforward design and smart pressing program will help you get the most out of your press and extract high-quality juices.

The Smart Press pneumatic press range is available for all wineries, from 20 to 600 hl in the closed-cage version, and 40 to 150 hl in the open-cage version.

High quality juices

  • Smart cycle and end-of-press management as standard on the Easy Press 2
  • The juice is clear, not cloudy, thanks to self-filtration through the pomace

Optimised pressing

  • Less time between pressing cycles
  • Optimised filling capacity
  • Choice of cycle depending on the desired profile
  • Saves water and energy

Easy to use

  • New Touch Press colour touchscreen console - ergonomic and intuitive
  • The pierced tank makes washing the press quick and easy
  • Easier to use
  • Less handling by the operator
  • Pomace is emptied completely and quickly

An uncompromising design

  • Complete drainage cap for thorough cleaning of the press
  • Hardy, reliable design
  • Qualified on-site maintenance and after-sales service


SP0 40 150

By grape-harvest pump: manual or pneumatic axial feeding.

By gravity or conveyor: door feeding, 1 or 2 doors

PELLENC PERA ŒNOPROCESS R&D engineers have come up with simple, efficient systems that improve Smart Press pressing efficiency. There are significant improvements: the pressing time is optimised, and they are easy to program and use.

The new intuitive Touch Press touchscreen interface and the Easy Press 2 smart pressing system make it easy to start using the machine:

  • Pressing cycles that can be customised to meet the needs of the winery (logistics, quality, etc.)
  • Real-time adjustable pressing programme
  • Save the programmes (in advanced mode) on a USB memory stick for perfect traceability
  • The pressing cycle depends on two criteria set by the operator: quality and dryness of the pomace
  • Real-time information on any anomalies for faster response times by operators


  • The various pressing phases can be programmed by the operator: pressure, hold time, number of cycles for breaking up the press cake
  • 20 programs with 99 possible programming lines

The movement of the press is motorised and on a rail

It lets the operator direct the must towards one of two channels according to criteria defined by the winemaker: phases of the pressing cycle, elapsed time, conductivity.

Each channel is connected to a tank. The valves controlled by the juice selector are managed automatically thanks to the Touch Press interface on the presses.

In the pressing program, for each line of the pressing cycle, the operator selects the channel to which the juice run-off will be directed.

The 3rd channel is used to wash the pipes. The conductivity probe at the outlet of the juice tank makes it possible to set up a qualitative selection of juices according to the conductivity of the run-off.

This system, controlled by the press PLC, allows the injection of liquid antioxidant into the bottom of the juice. This simple and efficient system complements the oxidation protection offered by Smart Press presses.

With this system, a liquid oenological solution can be injected automatically during the crumbling process

The development of the ENOXY+ system has made the Smart Press a highly effective winemaking tool. The system enables the injection of liquid oenological solutions into the heart of the press.


1- Injection of plant-based proteins into the harvest and as soon as possible provides protection against oxidation and reduces the need for SO² injection.

2- Injection of enzymes during skin macerations or maceration after the Flash Detente process

3- Injection of antioxidant in liquid form (e.g. S02, ascorbic acid, etc.)

Seconde rampe de lavage intégrée et pilotée, et/ou lavage haute pression.

En option. En savoir plus sur le pressoir connecté.

 SPO open cage
Tank capacity (hl)40506580110150
Minimum quantity0 kg
Door feeding1 manual double door1 or 2 independent motorised doors
Axial feeding with full capacity detectoro  Ø 125o  Ø 150
Juice run-offComplete drainage cap Sliding trough
Automatic washing cycle
Automatic, high-pressure washingo
DrainageHalf vat perforated with oblong holes
Fast Press electropolished grids-
Advanced Pressing Cycle
Easy Press 2 smart pressing cycle
Touch Press colour touchscreen console
MembraneHigh-density polyester weave coated with polyurethane. FDA/EEC 1227 food-grade quality

● As standard o Available as an option / Not available

SPO 40 - 150 OPEN CAGE
Number of doors111 or 21 or 21 or 21 or 2
Ø axial feeding0.
Weight (kg)210023002400280036004300
Vat volume (hl)40506780110150
Whole grape capacity (kg)36004500600072001000014000
Destemmed grape capacity (kg)80001000013400160002200030000
Fermented pomace capacity (kg)120001500020000240003300045000
Drainage time1 h 20 - 2 h 101 h 20 - 2 h 101 h 20 - 2 h 201 h 20 - 2 h 201 h 20 - 2 h 201 h 20 - 2 h 20
Emptying time15 - 20 min15 - 20 min15 - 20 min15 - 20 min15 - 20 min15-25 min
Base power (kW)N/AN/A6.356.3511.2511.25
Power with built-in compressor (kW)9.89.813.8513.8526.2526.25


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