SPC 20 - 30

The press adapted to small harvests

The new Smart Press range of pneumatic presses meets the needs of the most demanding winemakers. They are equipped with the latest innovations. The Fast Press drainage grids and the new intuitive control interface allow optimal use of the press to extract the highest quality juices. The Smart Press pneumatic press range is available for all wineries, from 20 to 600 hl in the closed-cage version, and 40 to 150 hl in the open-cage version.

High quality juices

  • The juices are protected
  • The juice run-off goes directly into the juice tank
  • The aromas and colours are preserved
  • The juice is clear, not cloudy, thanks to self-filtration through the pomace

An optimised design

  • Choice of cycle depending on the desired profile
  • Saves water and energy
  • The press can be used for skin maceration
  • Qualified on-site maintenance and after-sales service
  • Complete drainage cap for thorough cleaning of the press
  • Hardy, reliable design
  • Easy to move around in the winery

The pleasure of straightforward pressings

  • New Touch Press colour touchscreen console - ergonomic and intuitive
  • Washing the press is quick and easy thanks to the Fast Press* drainage grids (15 to 30 minutes)
  • Easier to use
  • Less handling by the operator
  • Pomace is emptied completely and quickly

*depends on the model, type and condition of the grapes, and filling time



SP 20 30

By grape harvest pump: manual axial feeding by gravity or conveyor: feeding through the double door.

Alimentation gravitaire : remplissage par la double porte.

Closed cage from 20 to 30 hl.
The Fast Press grids enable better drainage and easier washing.

The new intuitive Touch Press touchscreen interface makes it easy to get started with the machine:

  • Pressing cycles that can be customised to meet the needs of the winery (logistics, quality, etc.)
  • Real-time adjustable pressing programme
  • Save the programmes (in advanced mode) on a USB memory stick for perfect traceability
  • Real-time information on any anomalies for faster response times by operators
  • The various pressing phases can be programmed by the operator: pressure, hold time, number of cycles for breaking up the press cake
  • 20 programs with 99 possible programming lines
Min. quantity0 kg
Door feeding1 manual double door
Axial feeding with full capacity detectorØ 125 Manual
Juice run-offFlows directly into the trough
Automatic washing cycle
DrainageFast Press drainage grids
Fast Press electropolished gridso
Advanced Pressing Cycle
Touch Press colour touchscreen console

● as standard  o available as an option - not available

Number of doors11
Ø axial feeding0.120.12
Weight (kg)11001300
Vat volume (hl)2030
Whole grape capacity (kg)1,8002800
Destemmed grape capacity (kg)5,0007500
Fermented pomace capacity (kg)60009000
Drainage time1 h 20 - 2 h 101 h 20 - 2 h 10
Emptying time15 - 20 min15 - 20 min
Base power (kW)N/AN/A
Power with built-in compressor (kW)5.955.95


“Since we started using the SPC 20 we have rediscovered the pleasure of easy and fast pressings by taking advantage of the technological advances.

Guillaume Glantenay,
Domaine Georges Glantenay
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