Smart Press, The high-quality pneumatic press, tailored to the needs of winegrowers in Champagne.

Since 1989, PELLENC PERA ŒNOPROCESS has been located in the heart of the Champagne region. Being so nearby means that the team is on hand to promptly provide just what is needed in terms of technical assistance and sales support. The experts at our facility in Plivot design and set up pressing installations as well as quality-certified programming consoles. The technicians carry out the annual maintenance operations. During the harvest season,  PERA after-sales service technicians are on call 24/7 to provide assistance.

PERA-PELLENC presses function in a way that strictly complies with the techniques and regulations for the production of champagne. Each model meets the requirements of the CIVC and complies with Decree No. 2010-1441 of 22 November 2010.

The range is available in Champagne in open cage versions from 2000 to 8000 kg and closed cage versions from 4000 to 12000 kg.

A press adapted to the needs of winemakers in the Champagne region

  • The aromas and colours are preserved
  • The juice is clear, not cloudy, thanks to self-filtration through the pomace
  • Programming for the production of champagne
  • A quality-certified wine press

Straightforward to use

  • New Touch Press colour touchscreen console - ergonomic and intuitive
  • Smart cycle and end-of-press management as standard on the Easy Press 2
  • The pierced tank makes washing the press quick and easy
  • Easier to use
  • Less handling by the operator

An optimised design

  • Complete drainage cap for thorough cleaning of the press
  • Hardy, reliable design
  • Qualified on-site maintenance and after-sales service


SPO 2000 8000

By gravity or conveyor: door feeding, 1 or 2 doors

PELLENC PERA ŒNOPROCESS R&D engineers have come up with simple, efficient systems that improve Smart Press pressing efficiency. There are significant improvements: the pressing is optimised, and the machine is easy to program and use.

Open cage from 2000 to 8000 kg.
The pierced tank means that there is no grating of the pomace and makes the press easier to clean.

The new Smart Press has features to help with cleaning. The open-cage presses (SPO) are designed to be quick and easy to clean. The cage is pierced to make it easier to clean the slots and reduce washing time and water consumption. The built-in automatic washing systems help reduce washing time to less than 30 minutes.

  • An air-diffuser drain for better-balanced pressing on the membrane
  • The membrane is made of food-grade polyurethane (compliant with CE/FDA food standards) for pressing even with a very small quantity of grapes
  • A coil brings the pomace to the door(s) for rapid and complete emptying of the press

The various parameters are displayed simultaneously, so the operator can see the progress of the pressing process in real time. You can make changes or disseminate information at any time.

  • The pomace is traceable and you can save programs
  • Assistance with maintenance and diagnostics

Normal mode: the automatic cycle takes place in successive steps at intervals of 200 mbar. The pressure maintenance is programmed with timers.

Determined by juice run-off: the automatic pressing cycle is regulated by the juice run-off. The air-side pressure sensor calculates the pressure increase at each interval to compensate for the juice run-off.

Optimal option: the quality-certified smart program in the PELLENC PERA ŒNOPROCESS range. An electromagnetic flow meter measures the volume of juice that has already flowed out and the current flow rate. The PLC takes into account the characteristics of champagne pressing (1st juice, vatful, size) and the user’s requests: it adapts the pressure, the duration of the stages, and reduces the number of rotations and pressure releases with the objective of obtaining the desired result in three presses.

Proportional option: the pressing is adapted according to the volume in the tank.

The automatic washing system feeds in water through the axial feeding input and ensures optimal cleaning of the tank.

  • The automatic sulfite doser is controlled by the press. It offers the winemaker a wide range of options for continuous injection of sulfites into the must, choice of dosage according to the vatful and the sizes, and rate in proportion to the outflow of juice in the case of the Optimal programme.
  • The remaining volumes to flow out, which are calculated for the PLC, are displayed on the Touch Press screen. The sulfite doser is controlled by the press program, which stops the injection of sulfites during restacking, power outages, or unforeseen stoppages.
  • 6-litre PVC vat, peristaltic dosing pump.

The electromagnetic flowmeter lets the winemaker select precisely which juices go into each compartment of the vat according to the juice run-off.
This enables our Optimal mode: an automatically controlled high-quality pressing cycle.
Description of the option:

  • The pressing cycle is regulated by the juice run-off, which is measured by an electromagnetic flowmeter
  • Automatic selection of additional stages when the pressing has finished
  • The number of rotations is calculated according to the volume of juice run-off
  • The desired result is obtained with minimal restacking

The juice tank is moved by a pneumatic cylinder for cleaning.

MODELSSPO 2000SPO 4000SPO 6000SPO 8000
Type of cageHalf vat perforated with oblong holes 2 x 20mm
Tank capacity (hl)4080110150
Maximum operating pressure 
Min. quantity0 kg
Feed-in2 independent, power-operated doors, dimensions: 600x600 mm
Automatic washing cycleo
Washing the pressSide boom with spray nozzles - operating pressure: 3 to 5 bars
Automatic, high-pressure washingo

High-density polyester frame coated with FDA/EEC 1227-certified food-grade polyurethane

Fastened by a clamping mechanism

Inspection manholeEnables access to the central part of the membrane on the air side
Pomace removalGuiding mechanisms on the interior make it possible remove the pomace - adaptable to 1 door or 2 doors
Juice run-offStainless-steel case, sliding trough
Vacuum pump
Built-in compressoro
Sulphide dosing valve ?o
Touch Press colour touchscreen console

● As standard o Available as an option / Not available

MODELSSPO 2000SPO 4000SPO 6000SPO 8000
Number of doors2222
Weight (kg)2000280036004300
Vat volume (hl)4080110150
Whole grape capacity (kg)2000400060008000
Base power (kW)/
Power with built-in compressor (kW)10.514.2526.126.1


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