Management of oak ageing with alternatives

Optimise the ageing of your wines

Smart Oak is an innovative tool for controlling the oak ageing of wines, allowing faster, more accurate extraction of the oak to suit consumer tastes.

Smart Oak is an automated tool for managing the oaking of wines. Smart Oak is connected to an oaking vat. Different types of wood fragments can be used (wood shavings, staves, and blocks). Balanced, quality oak ageing with alternatives is completed in a few days instead of a few weeks. The winemaker chooses the type of wood shavings to put in the wines to suit consumer demand, with a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Controlled oak ageing with alternatives

  • lnerting during the oaking operation.
  • Preserves the freshness and fruitiness of wines
  • Controlled extraction of the aromatic compounds from the oak wood.
  • Temperature monitoring in real time.
  • Alert in the event of air intake
  • Choice of extraction intensity according to the desired type of wine

Customisation of wines on demand

  • Reduced wood/wine contact time (a few days instead of 3 to 6 months in the static process)
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Flexibility: enables fast adaptation to consumer demand
  • Improved control of wine preservation (no transfer from the tank upon completion of the oak ageing with alternatives process)

Excellent integration of the oaking process

  • Wood shavings added to the Smart Oak tank
  • No need to lift bags of wood shavings to the top of the tanks
  • Safer for operators
  • Customised control of oak ageing with alternatives: automatic or manual programmes as required
  • User-friendly and intuitive touchscreen interface

Control over the process of oak ageing with alternatives

  • The progress of the oak ageing with alternatives process is monitored by an electrical impedance spectrometry sensor
  • Repeatable wood ageing profiles.
Short programme for oak ageing with alternatives (6-8 days)

Allows for more pronounced flavours and sweetness.

Standard programme for oak ageing with alternatives (8-11 days)

Allows for wines with a good balance between aromas and tannins.

Intense programme for oak ageing with alternatives (9-12 days)

Gives full-bodied wines.

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