PELLENC PERA OENOPROCESS was founded on firm, human values.
Here at PELLENC PERA OENOPROCESS, we believe that the potent resource of handing down know-how must be supplemented by a strong spirit of innovation.


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Anadyomena, méditerranée terroir divin

It seemed natural to us to commit to the development of the “Méditerranée terroir divin” project. The international dimension of their artistic project around the rich, vast vine- and olive-growing region around the Mediterranean echoes our vision of solidarity, sharing and creativity. “Méditerranée terroir divin” offers an artistic perspective on our olive and winegrowing crafts and their future challenges. This fits with our sense of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Contributing to the dissemination of the memorial project "Méditerranée terroir divin", in a philosophy of transmission and sharing, this is a mission that we have set ourselves for the next 5 years!



Le Mas Numérique

Aware of developments in technology and winegrowing, PELLENC PERA OENOPROCESS became associated with the Mas Numérique (Smart Vineyard) in order to contribute to the development of digital, connected, smart vine growing.




Network of supplies or goods and services to wine growers and cellars, research and information about vines and wine in Occitania. Our goal is to promote and develop know-how and expertise in the service of the vinegrowing sector.


We have been using the connected Smart Press SPC50 since the 2017 harvest at the Domaine du Chapitre. We find it very easy to use, with the clear, intuitive screen. It’s a “smart” press, with the probe allowing us to monitor conductivity in real time. This gives us a report on the quality of the juice flow. The connected press app is easy to use. In particular there is plenty of information on the (estimated) volume of juice flow and the pressing time remaining, which is useful for managing cellar work. When a error occurs or pressing is finished, I get an SMS which allows me to respond quickly.”

Christophe Clipet
Chapitre domain (34) France