Automated control systems

Automatisme de pilotage des process vinicoles

Les automatismes développés par PELLENC PERA ŒNOPROCESS permettent de piloter l'ensemble des process conçus et installés. L'ergonomie des interfaces est simple et intuitive ce qui facilite la gestion des process en cave améliorant donc les performances du process et la sécurité au travail.

  • Harvest reception
  • Harvest in hoppers
  • Whole harvest for sparkling wines, with a distribution system for the feed to the presses
  • Harvest selector valves for managing the flow from hopper to press, from press to pomace screws

Piston-head push: emptying the piping, better tracking of tank filling, savings on water for washing.

All the data relating to the presses can be viewed in a single interface on a PC.

  • Control over the pressing process is optimised, with real-time information on the status and any faults arising in the presses.

Transfer of the harvest between the heating system and the maceration tanks, storage tanks (several different types of storage tank can be managed), and the Flash Detente unit.

Control of the pomace removal system from the maceration tanks to the presses.

Control over the removal of pomace from the presses to the disposal bins

The temperature settings in the tanks are controlled from a touchscreen interface, with the possibility of remote control.

Internet-connected control, with the possibility of receiving data by email/SMS if there is a chiller fault or incorrect tank temperature (tank number, hot or cold temperature deviation).

The automated system manages the production and circulation of cold or hot water according to the process

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