Destemmers and stem shredder

For a gentle separation of foreign bodies and a significant reduction in the volume of stalks.

The durable, reliable destemmers are designed for hand picking or mechanical picking, and are easy to clean and maintain. They can also be coupled with a Kliner high-speed sorting table (H600, H800, or H1000).

The stem shredder can be installed on the green waste disposal. It reduces the volume of waste to be disposed of. It can be used in large, custom-made, reception installations.

Destemming while protecting the harvest

  • Large diameter cage that rotates independently of the destemmer shaft.
  • The destemmer shaft has pins ending in swivel spatulas
  • PELLENC PERA ŒNOPROCESS destemmers will help you ensure that you optimise the quality of your harvest

Ease of use

  • Easy access to all the parts
  • Quick and easy to adjust
  • Easy to clean: built-in washing ramp.
  • H400 is a mobile, wheel-mounted destemmer

Reliable and sturdy design

  • The rotational speed of the destemming shaft can be modified thanks to an electronic frequency converter with remote control.
  • Reliability: tried and tested robust construction
Stem shredder - Save room for your green waste
  •  Hardy: made of stainless steel
  • One mobile drum: 36 blades
  • One ramp of 11 fixed folding counter-blades to remove foreign bodies
  • Power: 11 kW


NET WEIGHT (KG)26050010001200
HOURLY FLOW RATES (T/H)5 / 15305070
CAGE DIAMETER (MM)4006008001000


“Our destemmer has a selector that lets you choose between harvests to be cleaned and those already clean. In the latter case, it bypasses the destemmer and avoids crushing grapes that have already been destemmed.”

Alain Pierre
Technical Director, Vignerons de Buxy, France
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