The lightweight electric blower, quiet and powerful

Weighing just 2.55 kg, with carefully designed ergonomics and balance: you can use the battery-powered AIRION 3 electric leaf blower for hours without excessive fatigue or strain on the wrist. Its remarkable quietness is as pleasant for you as it is for the local residents. Hardy and waterproof, it will be with you for a long time, whatever the weather conditions. Meeting the strictest professional standards of reliability, power, and efficiency, the AIRION 3 handheld blower is the ideal tool for cleaning flowerbeds, paths, and urban areas.

Its light weight is record-breaking

  • The lightest handheld electric blower on the market: 2.55 kg with the actual weight of the cable held in the hand

Really comfortable for the user

  • Perfectly balanced at all working speeds
  • Angled suction to overcome the swing phenomenon and reduce the effort required from the user
  • Maximum prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) thanks to the vertical working axis, from shoulder to wrist
  • Optimum safety thanks to the battery’s quick connection/release system

Remarkably quiet

  • Noise level of just 79 dB
  • Angled suction keeps the noise levels low for the benefit local residents
  • Golden Decibel Award 2011 (French National Noise Council).
  • No need to wear ear defenders
  • Can be used in populated areas at any time of day

Impressive power

  • Unrivalled effective thrust of 17.5 N
  • Actual air flow of 920 m3/hour with the round nozzle.
  • 4 interchangeable nozzles for different uses
  • Display the remaining battery life by pressing and holding down the gear selector (1 to 4 LEDs)

Reliability is its strength

  • IP54 sealing protects the tool from dust and rain
  • The turbine housing is made of a strong magnesium alloy, optimising its service life
  • The nozzles, angled air intake, and air outlet are made of a hardy polypropylene copolymer for improved impact resistance of 15 joules.

The tip of a conventional blower naturally dips under the effect of the air output, and the wrist must exert some effort to lift it. Not the AIRION 3: it compensates for that phenomenon thanks to its angled intake, whereas straight blowers exacerbate the see-saw effect.

The QUICK CONNECTOR system lets the user quickly plug the tool into or out of the battery during work sessions. A vital safety feature that lets you quickly get out of any risky situation.

The new PELLENC-patented air intake design makes the work considerably more comfortable for the user by reducing the noise level of the tool.

The speed button lets you adjust the blowing power according to the surface to be cleared. The BOOST function delivers maximum air flow and is activated simply by keeping the button pressed. The AIRION 3 has enough power to blow heavy objects such as large masses of wet leaves that are stuck to the ground.

Protected against dust and moisture, 100% rainproof, the AIRION 3 is designed to withstand the test of time. Its motor is encased in a magnesium alloy body, which provides good heat dissipation, total IP54 sealing, and an extended service life.


Equipped as standard

Effective thrust* - (N)17.5 (boost)/13.5 (speed 4)
Max. power - W940
Weight of the tool with the cable - kg2.7
Weight of the tool without the cable - kg2.45
Actual weight of the tool in use - kg2.55
Actual airflow rate with round nozzle** - m3/h920 (boost)/815 (speed 4)
Maximum airflow speed with round nozzle** - m/s63 (boost)/55 (speed 4)
Maximum airflow speed with flat nozzle– m/s69 (boost)/60 (speed 4)
Sound pressure level (Lpa)*** - dB(A)79
Guaranteed sound power level (Lwa)*** - dB(A)92
Sound pressure level at 15 metres* - dB(A)below 65
Vibration level**** – m/s²below 2.5 (0.5 actual)
Battery life***** with the ULiB 1500Up to 6 hours
4-speed selector switch + boost
Round nozzle
ERGO nozzle

Improves ergonomics and comfort for the user during long work sessions.
Compatible with the Airion 2
Angled nozzle: Ø 78 mm, total length: 70 cm.
Ref. 131967

Nozzle with integrated scraper

For scraping and removing any sticky or wet waste. Compatible with the AIRION 1 and the AIRION 2.
Inside diameter of the nozzle: Ø 65 mm
Nozzle length: 57 cm
Ref. 102930

65 mm round blowing nozzle

Best compromise between speed and air flow. Compatible with the AIRION 1 and the AIRION 2.
Inside diameter of the nozzle: Ø 65 mm
Nozzle length: 57 cm
Ref. 83326

75 mm round blowing nozzle

For ideal performance combining speed and air flow. Compatible with the AIRION 1 and the AIRION 2.
Inside diameter of the nozzle: Ø 75 mm
Nozzle length: 57 cm
Sold as standard
Ref. 122863

Tool carrying hook

A hook which clips onto the battery belt to leave the operator’s hands free.
Ref. 86708

Flat nozzle

Designed for precision work.
Total nozzle length: 77 cm
Ref. 122865

Composite turbine blade

Removable turbine blade.
Ref. 83301

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“What are the big advantages? The is very little noise disturbance, and it’s a light and ergonomic tool. And the weight is well distributed, which takes the strain off the user and boosts productivity.”

Laure Fancuillo
Landscaping professional, Jardins Sestian, Bouches-du-Rhône
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