Ergonomic harnesses

Ergonomic harnesses for more comfort and efficiency

Designed to be adaptable to your body shape and your different working postures, PELLENC ergonomic harnesses make your work easier by reducing its arduousness. The different models: 750, COMFORT, and ALPHA are lightweight but tough. They are suitable for carrying the batteries fitted to our battery power tools, such as the CITY CUT brush cutter or the HELION ALPHA hedge trimmer. With them, you have complete freedom of movement for greater efficiency, effectiveness, and comfort throughout your day. 

Once you have them on your back,, you forget all about them

COMFORT harness

  • The weight is perfectly distributed across the essential areas of lumbar support, with 70% of the weight on the hips and 30% on the shoulders
  • The straps can be adjusted intuitively. The shoulder straps and dorsal column are adaptable to all body shapes and working habits (seven adjustment levels)
  • Dorsal pivot giving your shoulders freedom of movement
  • EASY CLIP system


750 harness

  • Developed to maximise freedom of movement, without a strap around the waist
  • Double-attachment safety mechanism on its ergonomic handle, specially designed for pruning

Adaptable to any situation

COMFORT harness

  • Suitable for ULiB 1500, 1200, 750 batteries and compatible with the 1100 and 700 models using an adaptor plate


ALPHA harness

  • Allows for ALPHA batteries to worn as backpack batteries compatible with all PELLENC battery-powered tools

Sturdy, built to last

  • Designed for intensive professional use
  • Belt composed of a thick foam block, reducing wear
  • It will stay with you throughout all your long work sessions

COMFORT harness

  • Overall design of the carrying system
  • X-shaped belt configuration: optimal thickness with perfect size matching.



With the COMFORT harness, you can keep the cable within easy reach by clipping it onto the right or left shoulder strap.

Lets you connect your tool to its power source with a single movement.

These improve your comfort when wearing the backpack battery by securing it against your back to reduce the feeling of weight.

With the stand, you can place your harness on the ground with the battery in an upright position, which protects it from potential knocks on the ground.

The metal backbone slides up and down so you can adjust the position of the battery to seven different levels on your harness. Adapts to all body types and working habits (standing positions, leaning forward, etc.)

Consists of an additional extension for the existing waist belt and a replacement chest strap.

Thanks to the rotating pivot located between the shoulder blades, your shoulders have freedom of movement and the battery remains fixed in place.

With the COMFORT harness, you can keep the cable within easy reach by clipping it onto the right or left shoulder strap.

Lets you connect your tool to its power source with a single movement.


 Harnais 750Harnais ConfortHarnais alpha
Poids – kg1,50,81,4
Compatibilité batteriesBatteries 1500, 1200 et 750
Plaque d’adaptation prévue pour les batteries 700 et 1100
Batterie 750Batteries Alpha 260 et 520
Kits d’adaptation harnais Sangle AIRION 3 et sangle de portage EXCELION 2 


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