Better understand and control your pressing process

Smart Graph is a decision-making aid that allows the winemaker to understand and optimise the pressing process. You can get a real-time diagnostic directly on the display screen on the press, or install the Smart Graph software on your computer to look over the data later. By analysing the curves, the winemaker can get an understanding of problems arising from filling, clogging, etc. and take steps to optimise the various pressing phases (filling, drainage, pressing, and so on). This has a direct impact on the quality of the wines (sludge rate, rapid extraction of juices = limits oxidation) and decisions about bringing in the harvest.

Optimising the various stages of the pressing process has a significant impact on the duration of the pressing cycle. In many cases, it shortens the pressing process and saves the winemaker a considerable amount of time.


Smart Graph helps you make decisions by providing a visual representation of what is happening in the pressing process as it happens or later on.

The following information can be displayed:

  • The pressure applied by the membrane
  • The axial feeding pressure (in the case of axial feeding)
  • The volume of juice extracted
  • Complete juice height (computer version only): percentage of juice run-off/total juice according to time elapsed
  • Antioxidant injection (with the ENOXY+ option)
  • Conductivity (if equipped with conductivity monitoring, available as an option)
  • As well as 3 additional possible parameters (depending on options)

The pressing data is stored on an SD card in the press interface.

  • Better understand the pressing process by visualising the various parameters as curves on a graph
  • Have operational traceability of the pressing cycles
  • Save time in the pressing process
    Optimise your pressing cycles (stages, rotations) in real time or by analysing past cycles
  • Optimise your harvest logistics by streamlining the supply of grapes to your winery
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