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The high-productivity electric solution for perfect mowing

Whether you choose the SMART or the EASY model, the RASION 2 range of professional mowers has been designed to combine outstanding mowing quality with optimum productivity. Long battery life, great manoeuvrability, and ergonomics. They have synchronised dual blades and a new IMS* circuit board to manage overheating and increase efficiency. Waterproof and very quiet, RASION 2 mowers can be used in all weather conditions, anytime, anywhere. They ensure the well-being of the user as well as the neighbourhood.

With a repairability index of 9.9 and 9.8/10, you will be choosing a professional-grade battery mower that is reliable, durable, and repairable over time.

*Insulated Metallic Substrate

You barely hear them working

  • 91 dB at speed 3 and 93 dB at maximum power
  • New and very quiet direct-drive brushless wheel motor
  • Reduced noise disturbance and no fumes: can be used in populated areas at any time of the day

Nothing stops them

  • Up to 5 hours of battery life, i.e. 5,400 m².
  • IP54 sealing means the machine can be used in all weather conditions
  • Can work with all PELLENC batteries from the Alpha 520 upwards
  • Optimised automatic unblocking system
  • 70 L capacity, i.e. more than 10 kg of grass, with optimised bin compaction thanks to finer mowing

They work fast and well

  •  1600W power and large cutting width: 60 cm
  • Universal blades (collection + mulching) as standard
  • Perfect mowing with synchronized dual blades
  • New electronic management thanks to its IMS* circuit board. It allows for better heat dissipation, pushing the limits of the machine.
  • Cutting efficiency 30% higher than a conventional mower
  • Saves time by adapting the speed of the blades according to the density of the grass (ICC** Infrared Sensor - equipped as standard on the Smart, available as an option on the Easy)

*Insulated Metallic Substrate.
**Intelligent Cutting Control - PELLENC patent

Very comfortable to use

  • Exceptionally low vibration rate of 0.7m/s², more than 6 times lower than a petrol mower
  • Lightweight (Easy: 28 kg, Smart: 30 kg) and ultra-manoeuvrable: Zero Turn single front freewheels for more fluid work
  • 2 wheel-locking positions: free-turning or guided steering - flexible and smooth
  • The handlebar and controls can be adjusted to the user’s height.
  • Safe cleaning
  • Compact and foldable, easy to transport and store

Store them neatly away and forget about them until you need them again

  • No petrol, no emissions, which protects the environment, avoids clogging, and reduces maintenance.
  • Optimised power consumption thanks to their very high motor efficiency of 93%




The slim steel blades with high tensile strength and their counter-rotating movement from 3,000 to 5,000 rpm provide optimum results.

The power-assisted Zero Turn system makes a 180° turn easy, thanks to the front swivel wheels and the reverse rotation of the rear wheels.

40 mm notched non-slip drive wheels at the front increase stability and smooth running. There are two settings to choose from: swivel wheels or guided steering to manage slopes.

The cutting height adjustment, from 25 to 75 mm, is centralised in a single manual or electronic control, depending on the model.

Based on LED technologies, the Insulated Metal Substrate circuit board improves heat dissipation, heat exchange, and increases the electronic capacity of the tool. It absorbs power peaks during intensive mowing without reducing the speed of the blades.

Reverse rotation of the blades allows excess grass to be removed from the safety casing while keeping the mower in operation.

Cutting width60 cm60 cm
Flexible collection bin70 L70 L
Weight without battery or bin30 kg30 kg
Battery life with the ULiB 1500 battery5400 a5400 a
Maximum cutting power1600 W1600 W
Guaranteed sound power level LwA dB(A)93 dBA93 dBA
Sound pressure level LpA dB(A)83.5 dB83.5 dB
Vibrations at high speed0.7 m/s²0.7 m/s²
Collection blades as standard22
Blade speeds4(4+1 ICC*)4 or 3 + ICC* available as an option
Rotational speed of the blades3,000 to 5,000 rpm3,000 to 5,000 rpm
ICC* infra-red plant growth detectorYesAvailable as an option
Boost –> 5000 rpmYesYes
6 cutting heights25/35/45/55/65/75 mm25/35/45/55/65/75 mm
Centralised height adjustmentElectronicManual
Mulching kit: blades and plugAvailable as an optionAvailable as an option
Ground speeds2/3/4/5 km/h2/3/4/5 km/h
Front wheel lockingFree or locked positionFree or locked position
LED displayYesNo
Zero Turn assisted turningYesNo
Immobiliser safety feature in the vertical positionYesYes
Automatic unblocking modeYesYes
Parking brakeElectric (semi-automatic)Manual


Collection box

The 70-litre collection box holds more than 10 kg of finely cut grass.
Ref. 132191 (frame) 
Ref. 132192 (net)

Collection blade maintenance kit

Set of steel blades for collection.
Ref. 131404 (equipped as standard)

Universal blade maintenance kit

Set of high-tensile steel blades for collection and mulching.
Ref. 134104

Mulching kit

For a perfect cut, with no collecting.
Ref. 57154

Alpha battery support kit

For adapting the Alpha 520 battery to the Rasion 2 mower.
Ref. 5657194 (Alpha harness)

700/1100 adapter plate

For adapting 700 or 1100 battery to the Rasion 2 mower.
Ref. 139091

1500/1200 battery holder kit

For adapting 1500 or 1200 battery to the Rasion 2 mower.
Ref. 135161

Our place of work is a holiday residence in the Vaucluse region of France maintaining an estate that stretches over some 40 hectares. This year we experimented with the RASION 2, whereas previously we had employed petrol-motor lawnmowers. The RASION 2 is clearly a very different kind of machine. For one thing, because it is so quiet, we no longer have to wear hearing protection and we can work without disturbing the clients. What’s more, it is very easy and comfortable to use. We can bring it all over the estate and easily manoeuvre around trees. In addition at less than 30 kilos it is surprisingly light, which makes it easier to go up or down steps on site.

Pierre Yves DUMINIL
Team leader , Les Jardins de Castellane (84), Garden development and maintenance
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