Breathtaking power

The result of PELLENC innovation and expertise, this new machine delivers unprecedented power and stretches the limits of what battery-powered tools can do. With its smart handle and innovative design, the AIRION BACKPACK offers significant advantages in terms of ergonomics. This new blower is waterproof, quiet, and emits no fumes, making it ideal for intensive work, whatever the weather.

The most powerful backpack blower

  • Professional-grade performance: A powerful electric backpack blower with 27 N of thrust and an air flow of 1,445 m3/h
  • Optimised air flow efficiency for extended battery life
  • A range of speed settings to choose from (4 speeds available + 1 boost)
  • Remaining battery life displayed in % or in h and min

Optimised ergonomics

  • Hardly any vibration: 10 x less vibration compared to an equivalent petrol tool.
  • Comfortable cushions and a 3-point adjustable harness
  • Rain is not a problem: the AIRION BACKPACK BLOWER has an IP54 protection rating against dust and water ingress, so it can be used in all weather conditions

The advantage of a quiet machine

  • 10 decibels quieter than an equivalent petrol backpack blower—the same performance levels with less noise!
  • Night-time cleaning rounds are less of a disturbance to local residents

A) Control switch for selecting the speed and activating the Boost function + ➎Speed limiter

B) Rear trigger for progressive and responsive acceleration

C) Button for quick access to the options menu

At a glance

➊ Current speed setting (4 speeds)

➋ Remaining battery life in hours/minutes or in %

➌ Acceleration bar graph

➍ Energy saving indicator, accurate to within 500 W


➏ After-sales service maintenance message

➐  Fault alert

➑ Screen lock

  • A better positioned centre of gravity to limit the sense of being pulled backwards.
  • Dorsal architecture that limits the impact of the thrust on the user’s shoulder.
  • The pivot allows for effortless freedom of movement.
  • The pivot angle eases the closing movement of the arm, which is the movement that puts the most strain on the user.



Equipped as standard


Volumetric air flow rate without nozzle (m3/h)

1 455

Volumetric air flow rate with nozzle (m3/h)

1 280

Max. power (W)

1 750

Power supply voltage (V)


Tool weight in kg (without battery or nozzle)

6,8 kg

Weight with nozzle

7,7 kg

Sound pressure level (LpA)*-dB(A)


Sound power level (Lwag)*-dB(A)


Vibration level (ah)**-m/s2


Short and long secondary nozzles

+ round tip with anti-wear ring


Battery life*** with battery models: Alpha 520 /

ULiB 750, 1200, 1500

Typical maintenance work: 1 h to 3 h

Intense road cleaning work: from 40 min to 1 h 50 min

* Values determined according to the acoustic measurement standards NF EN ISO 11203, NF EN ISO 3744 and NF EN ISO 4871.
** Vibration emissions according to DIN EN 60745-1:2009 - Kd uncertainty = 1.5 m/s².
*** For information purposes: the times were observed in actual working time, including breaks. Battery life is influenced by the nature of the work required.


Battery life

*Battery life recorded during continuous work: full trigger. New and fully charged battery.
** Average times measured during typical work, including moving around the worksite and varying the power settings. Example of maintenance work on a residential estate of 200 houses.
*** Average times measured during intense work, including moving around the worksite and varying the power settings. Example of leaf blowing in the autumn to clean a road or a municipal park.


“What are the big advantages? The is very little noise disturbance, and it’s a light and ergonomic tool. And the weight is well distributed, which takes the strain off the user and boosts productivity.”

Laure Fancuillo
Landscaping professional, Jardins Sestian, Bouches-du-Rhône

As standard.


As standard.


As standard.


For a high flow rate grazing the ground
For large piles of leaves.


For speed and precision.
For very wet leaves on the ground and other highly encrusted residues, cigarette butts, trellis towers.

Flat nozzle

For precision cleaning.
For leaves, pine needles, waste to be cleared from a grove, fence, or from under a car.

Financing offers

With PELLENC Financial Solutions, it has never been easier to go green!


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