Brush cutter

Powerful and multipurpose electric brush cutter for professionals

The EXCELION 2000 brush cutter meets all your requirements.
 Combining power and hardiness, the EXCELION 2000 is just as effective for routine maintenance as for intensive mowing. And with its several interchangeable cutting heads, it can be adapted to all sorts of jobs. It perfectly removes tall, thick grasses as well as woody plants, brambles or shrubs. Moreover, its balance, its quietness, the absence of emissions, and the low level of vibrations all combine to make it comfortable to use all day long!

Its performance makes all the difference
  • Power equivalent to a 45-cc petrol brush cutter
  • Up to 6 hours working time in Eco mode with the 1500 battery
  • No motor maintenance or use of blended fuel means the user saves on costs (minimum €5/day) and simplifies logistics on the ground
  • Adjustable brush cutting rate with two modes: Eco or Full Power, depending on the type of vegetation
Highly versatile
  • 6 different interchangeable blade types to adapt to any work site
  • Two wire heads: manual or semi-automatic
  • Can be used for a variety of brush clearing jobs: tall grass, dense or woody growth, brambles, or bushes.
Makes your work easier
  • Perfectly balanced for greater working comfort
  • The carrying harness supplied with the tool allows great freedom of movement
  • The blade can be changed very quickly: 20 seconds for the CITY CUT, for instance.
  • The new user-friendly hook allows quick release of the brush cutter.
  • Quick adjustment of the handlebar to suit the user's body shape; no need for tools.
  • Patented PELLENC system for quick loading of trimmer wire in the head
  • The new TAP CUT 2 cutting head enables loading without opening the head
  • For intensive mowing, brush cutting, mulching, or sawing branches up to 8 cm in diameter.
The gain in comfort is clear
  • 25% lighter than an equivalent petrol brush cutter
  • Ergonomic carrying harness as standard, designed to reduce effort for several hours of work.
Nature appreciates it
  • Tool complying with the "Zero Phyto" charter for alternative weeding, eligible for subsidies


This magnesium planetary gear designed by PELLENC is very light and durable, and keeps the machine perfectly balanced. Special attention was paid to keeping the operating noise level to a minimum. The attachment screws are integrated into the tool, which avoids the risk of losing them.

An Eco mode is available on the brush cutter. Eco mode allows the machine to be used throughout long work sessions, and at low speed with limited scattering of debris, which is especially useful in urban areas.

The PELLENC twisted trimmer line significantly improves the performance of the brush cutter, both in terms of energy consumption and noise. In order to reduce wire consumption, the wire has been specially designed to offer maximum resistance to abrasion.

The 5 interchangeable cutting heads have been designed to make them easier to use: BLADE CUT, CITY CUT, ROLL CUT, MULTI CUT, TAP CUT. The wire loading and blade attachment systems have been patented on the ROLL CUT, MULTI CUT, and TAP CUT heads.

Excelion 2000 is delivered without a cutting head, which leaves you free to choose the head best suited to your needs. The carrying kit is delivered as standard, it can be fitted to the comfort harness.



Puissance maxi - W
- Diamètre de coupe : fil 340mm
- Diamètre de coupe : lame 320mm


Équivalent moteur thermique - cm³45
Poids (hors outil de coupe et carter) - kg5,4
Vitesse de rotation maxi - tr/mn
- Mode standard
- Mode Eco
2 000 à 6 200
2 000 à 4 200
Diamètre de fil - Ø2,4 mm mini / 3 mm maxi
Chargement de la ROLL CUTØ 2,4 -> 9 m / Ø 3 -> 6 m
Chargement de la TAP CUT / TAP CUT 2Ø 2,4 -> 5 m / Ø 3 -> 3,5 m
Pression sonore (LpA)* - dB(A)84
Puissance sonore (LWA)* - dB(A)93
Niveau de vibration poignée droite (ah)** - m/s²1 à 3.9 selon les têtes
Niveau de vibration poignée gauche (ah)** - m/s²1.3 à 4.5 selon les têtes
Têtes interchangeablesBLADE CUT / CITY CUT / ROLL CUT /
Autonomie en mode Eco*** avec ULiB 1500Jusqu’à 6 h


* Valeurs déterminées selon les normes de mesure acoustique NF EN ISO 11201 et NF EN ISO 3744.
** Valeur d’émission de vibration suivant DIN EN 60745-1:2009 mesurée avec la tête Roll Cut fil ø 2,4. - Incertitude Kd = 1,5 m/s².
*** À titre indicatif : les durées ont été observées en temps de travail effectif, pauses incluses.
L’autonomie est influencée par la nature du travail demandé.
**** Un fonctionnement optimal sera obtenu avec un outil ayant un numéro de série supérieur à 53P00821 et une batterie 700 (à partir du N° de série 56N07968) ou une batterie 1100 (à partir du N° de série 56N01725) ou toutes autres batteries 750, 1200 ou 1500.

Carrying hook

For the Excelion 2000 brush cutter harness.
Ref. 119569

Double harness

Brush clearing harness for 1100 and 700 batteries.
Ref. 110283 – Equipped as standard

Carrying kit

For the Excelion 2000 brush cutter harness.
Ref. 135500

Tube of grease for the angle gears

Ref. 35749

Comfort harness

Comfort harness for battery models 155, 1200, 750, and with an adaptor plate for the 1100 and 700 batteries.
Ref. 57183

Protective bag

For the cutting heads
Ref. 111800

Adapter plate

Adapter plate for the 700 or 1100 battery on the comfort harness.
Ref. 139091

Les Offres de Financement

Avec PELLENC Solutions Finances, cela n’a jamais été aussi facile de passer au vert !


“The battery-powered Excelion 2000 brush cutter is very easy to use, quiet, light, and durable. The different cutting heads offer exceptional work quality.”

Lionel Reynaud
Landscaper, La Tour d’Aigues, Vaucluse
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