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The battery-powered brush cutter that will make you a convert to electric power

The powerful EXCELION 2 electric brush cutter offers unrivalled performance for professional use in intensive landscaping and forestry work. With the ULiB 1500 battery, it will keep going for as long as you need on demanding worksites. What is more, thanks to the smart handle and its digital display, you can get real-time information while you are working with your brush cutter. It is extremely light, and you can choose between the handlebar or the round grip, whichever is best suited to your working habits.  You can use this long-endurance and multifunctional tool for a variety of jobs: brush clearing, mulching, trimming, or sawing. The sturdy CITY CUT weeding head has been carefully designed to avoid scattering debris, making it an ideal alternative to spraying chemicals in urban areas.

A perfect balance between high-performance and light weight
  • Power that is unmatched by any electric brush cutter: 6,600 rpm
  • 30% lighter than an equivalent petrol brush cutter
  • Perfectly balanced, ultra-efficient
  • Battery life for up to 3 hours of work
  • 5 configurations: from green space maintenance to forest brush clearing
A tool with everything it needs to make your work easier
  • Smart motor control and cutting heads suitable for a wide range of jobs
  • A new blue cutting wire with high heat resistance and an anti-jamming design
  • The TAP CUT 3 cutting head is suitable for heavy duty work; its base is reinforced with a metal insert
  • Real-time information

Moreover, this brush cutter’s smart handle makes it an agile tool and gives you the benefit of real-time information on the digital display.

At a glance:

  • Current speed setting (4 speeds) + Boost
  • Remaining battery life expressed as a % and in minutes
  • Rev counter
  • Speed limiter
  • Eco mode


Professional-grade blue corrugated and aerodynamic cutting wire for a clean and even cut. High heat resistance: 260°.

2.4 and 2.7 mm.

Active external cooling. Air and moisture are not sent into the motor.

The different interchangeable cutting heads of the EXCELION 2 brush cutter have been developed for a wide range of jobs. You can use them for clearing brush, mulching, weeding, mowing, and sawing, all with the same machine.

Excelion 2 is delivered with its universal angle gears, a TAP CUT 3 cutting head with the wire loaded, a low bowl (for the trident blade or twin blade, not included), and a strap kit.

Cutting diameter wire - mm420420
Cutting diameters chopping blade / blades / saw - mm290/320/230290/320/230
Weight (with TAP CUT 3 + casing, without cable) - kg6.55.5
Weight (without TAP CUT 3, without casing, and without cable) - kg5.94.9
Rotational speed - rpm (with blade)1 = 3,000 / 2 = 4,200 / 3 = 5,400 / 4 = 6,600 Boost1 = 3,000 / 2 = 4,200 / 3 = 5,400 / 4 = 6,600 Boost
Rotational speed - rpm (with wire)1 = 3,000 / 2 = 4,200 / 3 = 5,400 / 4 = 6,300 Boost1 = 3,000 / 2 = 4,200 / 3 = 5,400 / 4 = 6,300 Boost
Max. wire diameters - mmfrom 2,4 mm to 3 mmfrom 2,4 mm to 3 mm
Guaranteed sound pressure level (LpA)* - dB(A)
Guaranteed sound power level (LWA)* – dB(A)
Max. vibration level (ah)** - m/s2
Interchangeable heads and blades / adaptable blades on cupsTAP CUT 2 & 3, CITY CUT, chopping kit with high cup + chopping blade, sawing kit + saw, tri-blade or twin blade + low cup.TAP CUT 2 & 3, CITY CUT, chopping kit with high cup + chopping blade, sawing kit + saw, tri-blade or twin blade + low cup.
Carrying kit for the harnessincludedincluded
TAP CUT 3 semi-automatic cutting headincludedincluded
Low cup compatible with tri-blade and twin bladeincludedincluded

* Values determined according to the acoustic measurement standards Annex I.2 of EN 62841-1; EN ISO 3744.
** Vibration emission value according to Annex I.2 and I.3 of EN 62841-1; EN ISO 11806-1 measured with the TAP CUT 3 head with wire 2.4 mm - Uncertainty Kd = 1.5m / s².


“The Excelion 2 is very handy and practical to use. The advantage of not having a petrol motor is that the machine is very light and balanced. The battery life is generally very satisfactory.”

Christophe BEAUDIER
Head of the Var - Cians area, Alpes Maritimes, France FORCE 06 and Fire Prevention Department
2.4- and 2.7-mm blue cutting wire

REF. 159892 / 159895 / 159893 / 159894

TAP CUT 3 semi-automatic wire head

REF. 53 57218

Saw, chopping blade, trident blade, twin blade

REF. 111700 / 158491 / 158489 / 158490

Mulching kit (protective shield + high cup)

REF. 53 57277

Sawing kit (angle gears + safety casing + special sawing cup)

REF. 53 57275

Comfort harness

Comfort harness for battery models 1500, 1200, 750, and with an adapter plate for the 1100 and 700 batteries.
REF. 56 57183

Quick connector cable – ULiB 750, 1200, 1500

Quick connector cable for the ULiB 750, 1200, 1500 batteries.
REF. 56 57238

Quick connector cable – Alpha 520, 260

Quick connector cable for the Alpha 520, 260 batteries.
REF. 56 57248

Quick connector cable – ULiB 700, 1100

Quick connector cable for the ULiB 700, 1100 batteries.
REF. 56 57237 + 56 57262

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