Perfect quality, fast and cost-effective pruning.

The TRP Precision Pruner lets you get through the job of pruning your vines up to 90% faster. Precise and efficient, it ensures remarkable pruning quality. Thanks to its integrated automated systems, you work without fatigue or loss of efficiency. The TRP precision pruner is the ideal solution to significantly reduce your costs.

Undeniable productivity gains

  • Significantly reduced pruning time: up to 90%
  • Increased yields
  • Intensive work can even continue at night, in the rain, or in bright sunshine thanks to the automatic cordon tracking
  • Working speed of up to 3 km/h

It lets you work effortlessly

  • Pruning close to the cordon for a uniform result.
  • Cordon tracking by the artificial vision system ensures much higher work quality than with manual control.
  • Intuitive control with the joystick and console on the MULTIVITI chassis
  • Automated systems free up the operator for comfortable, fatigue-free work.

Automatic cordon tracking with VISIONIC technology

  • The cutting height is automatically adjusted to the height of the cordon
  • Precise cutting height adjustment in increments of 5 mm
  • You can work comfortably day and night, without any loss of precision.

Agronomic benefits

  • Using the TRP precision pruner has a direct impact on the quality of your production.
  • You obtain more grape clusters per vine.
  • Your grape clusters are smaller and more uniform with a better distribution on the cordon.
  • The aeration of the grape clusters significantly improves the effectiveness of phytosanitary spraying.
  • The oenological maturity of the grapes is more uniform.
  • It has a positive impact on vine diseases: the pruning wounds are smaller and further away from the old wood.
  • Lastly, you minimise vine breakage due to wind.

MULTIVITI TRP Precision Pruner

The deflector pins ensure that the lateral cutting modules are perfectly guided in the axis of the row. The wide opening at the row entrance and exit (52 cm) allows great manoeuvrability in short headlands.

The TRP Precision Pruner consumes little hydraulic power. It requires a flow rate of just 35 l/min.

Coupling/uncoupling can be carried out with no need for a wrench. The hydraulic connectors are located on the coupling plate of the MULTIVITI chassis. Coupling/uncoupling can be done in complete safety and at an accessible height from the ground.

The joystick enables one-click control of all the TRP precision pruner functions.

 TRP 500

Two 500mm-diameter lateral cutting modules

Two 350mm-diameter horizontal cutting modules

Electric control of all functions

Pair of opening skids of the horizontal cutting modules

Automatic cordon tracking by the artificial vision system

Impact-proof cylinder

Pair of deflector pins for vertical modules


Multiviti 20 and 40 chassis

Delivered on a pallet stand

● equipped as standard

Harvesting machine:
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“We prune 1.5 hectares in an hour and a half, using one tractor. The VISIO cordon-tracking system works continuously, so pruning is effective and fatigue-free for the operator.”

Ludovic DUCLOUX and Christophe REBILLOU
BUTTIGNOL Nelly vineyard and REBILLOU vineyard , Saint-Félix-de-Fontcaude, Gironde, France
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