The simple and affordable trimmer

We work well together

  • An easy-to-use tool that helps you recoup the cost of your MULTIVITI chassis
  • Joystick-integrated trimmer controls
  • Fast coupling
  • Delivered on a pallet stand

Cutting bar with blades (3).

  • • The high rotational speed of the blades (2000 rpm) guarantees a clean cut regardless of the forward ground speed.

RECIPROCATING cutter bars:

  • Optional vegetation lifter



Coupling/uncoupling can be carried out with no need for a wrench. The hydraulic connectors are located on the coupling plate of the MULTIVITI chassis. Coupling/uncoupling can be done in complete safety and at an accessible height from the ground.

 Ecimeuse 1 rang à couteauxEcimeuse 1 rang à barres alternatives

Largeur de coupe (m)

0,3 à 1 m

0,3 à 1,2 m

Longueur barres verticales

1380 mm (4 couteaux)

1800 mm

Paire  de couteaux supplémentaires sur barres verticales

1720 mm  (5 couteaux)


coupe horizontale

1050 mm (3 couteaux)

700 mm (satellite Evoludisc)

Coupe horizontale en option


2 x 600 mm  (satellites Evoludisc)

Réglage hauteur et déport hydraulique

Réglage hauteur de la coupe horizontale




Châssis MULTIVITI 20 et 40

Châssis MULTIVITI 20 et 40

Livraison sur pied palette

        • De série                                     o En option                                     - non disponible
PELLENC harvesters.



“You quickly get the hang of the joystick system. The machine’s power consumption is quite low, and it does not require much maintenance. With this MULTIVITI trimmer, we save time both in the field and in the workshop.”

Christian and Jean-François Ott
Domaine OTT, Château de Selle, Taradeau, Var, France
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