MULTIVITI 20 and 40

A single chassis for all your work

MULTIVITI, a single chassis that you can use with all your tools. It lets you work the vineyard all year long with comfort and safety. Your efficiency is optimized, especially since attaching the tool to the chassis and detaching it again is quick and easy.

It’s a real all-purpose tool

  • Five PELLENC MULTIVITI tools for all your work: pre-pruning, pruning, trellising, leaf removing, and trimming
  • With the innovative MULTIVITI coupling system, your tools can be quickly attached/detached by a single person in less than three minutes

Ergonomic control of all the tools

  • Settings within easy reach
  • An ergonomic 13-button joystick
  • Automatic reassignment of functions on the joystick
  • The settings are displayed on a backlit screen with all the functions

Work safely and with peace of mind

  • The tool coupling is mechanically locked by two rods
  • Straightforward and intuitive connections at an accessible height: hydraulics and electrical outlets
  • A safety cylinder allows the tool to be removed in the event that it becomes entangled
  • A 12V socket on the top of the chassis can be used to power a headlight for night work

MULTIVITI coupling for all tools

  • Coupling and uncoupling can be done in three minutes. All the hydraulic connectors are located on the coupling plate of the MULTIVITI chassis. Tools can be attached safely using the chassis hydraulics


Châssis MULTIVITI 20

Attelage frontal

Le châssis 20 offre compacité et aisance de travail puisqu’il s’adapte à toutes les plantations à partir de 1 m 60. Pour les outils ayant des besoins en hydraulique supérieurs à ce que peut fournir le tracteur, une central hydraulique est disponible en option.

Châssis MULTIVITI 40

Attelage sur 3 points arrière

Le châssis 40 offre modularité et ergonomie, avec une stabilité et une visibilité optimale pour tous les outils de la gamme.

Le châssis est équipé de sa propre centrale hydraulique.

MULTIVITI 2 hydraulic power unit

The MULTIVITI hydraulic power pack gives you more power without changing tractors, with a pump capacity of up to 76 l/min. An oil cooler is fitted as standard. The central or lateral weight holder is available as an option.

Tilt correction

Two options are available for working on sloping vineyards or rows that are bent by the wind.

* Available as an option

Filtration of the hydraulic oil

A hydraulic filter is fitted as standard on the chassis to protect the tool from pollution.

MULTIVITI tool range

Simple and economical

  • Working speed up to 5 km/h even in dense vegetation
  • Extremely hardy boron steel discs (no sharpening required)
  • Clean cutting of vine shoots
  • Automatic opening around posts thanks to an artificial vision system (optional).

Take advantage of its power and speed

  • Working speed up to 6 km/h
  • Pradines blades that provide the same cutting quality as pruning shears.
  • The mulching discs eliminate wood removal.
  • Automatic opening around posts thanks to an artificial vision system (optional).

Reduce costs and pruning time, without fatigue

  • Working speed up to 3 km/h, night and day.
  • Reduces pruning time by up to 90%.
  • Cordon tracking by vision system: quality, comfort, and no fatigue.
  • Intensive daily output

Lift, trim, and attach trellis wires in a single run

  • Working speed from 3 to 5 km/h
  • An unbeatable tool for vineyards with dense plant growth.
  • A uniform canopy that is wind-resistant and comparable to manual work
  • A wide range of biodegradable ties
  • Working speed up to 8 km/h
  • Prune without scattering debris
  • Reciprocating self-cleaning blades
  • Frontal impact-proofing
  • Ultra-lightweight machine
  • Working speed up to 10 km/h
  • Pivoting lower cutting modules (available as an option)
  • Frontal impact-proofing

Quick and easy to get used to for careful work, as if by hand

  • Working speed up to 4 km/h
  • Automatic row tracking
  • Easy cleaning



Largeur d’inter rang minimale

1,6 m

2,5 m

Commande de toutes les fonctions depuis le joystick

Correction de dévers



Système d’attelage rapide des outils

Système d’attelage du châssis sur le tracteur

Avant sur ferrure

3 points arrière

Système de sécurité anti chocs

Pied de dépose


● De série  o En option

Harvesting machine

It saves a great deal of time, especially during very busy periods.

Robin Thomas
SCEA Château de Clam, Saint-Georges-Antignac," Charente-Maritime, France"
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