Harvesting head mounted on the

Combining quality and productivity

You will love how easy it is to use

  • You can adjust the settings from the cab on the EASY TOUCH touchscreen console

  • You can save up to 5 harvesting configurations in the machine’s memory, and switch between them with one click

  • The harvesting head is guided in the row by a pendular system

  • Ground detection sensors allow the harvester head to work close to the ground

  • Simplified washing with a safe platform for the operator to stand on and a remote control box

Impressive work capacity

  • Adaptable to all vineyards, with a minimum harvesting height of 15 cm.
  • Sealing length of 2.1 metres, ensuring sustained working speed.

Unmatched sorting quality

  • The sequenced movements of the PELLENC shakers optimise the harvesting quality and make the whole process gentler on the grapes and the vine.

  • Select your grapes one by one with the SELECTIV' PROCESS on-board destemming and sorting system

Safety is assured at all times

  • 2 cameras to guide you as you enter and exit the row

  • 3 emergency-stop buttons for the harvesting head: on the washing platform and at the rear of the machine

  • In the event of a blockage on the conveyor, an alarm is triggered

  • Road mode automatically raises the harvesting head, locks the pendular tilting system, and turns on the flashing light

Harvesting head

The high-frequency linear destemmer works gently and protects the berries. It has an anti-jamming sensor and the whole machine can be adjusted and disengaged from the EASY TOUCH touchscreen console.

Variable screen sorting table: adaptable to all grape varieties and working conditions.

The notched feeding rollers convey the petioles to the sorting rollers, which drop the berries into the bin and discharge the waste outside.

Washing mode is activated at the touch of a button on the EASY TOUCH console. With the remote control, the operator can easily access all the areas to be washed. The operator works safely from a secure platform.

The stainless-steel collector bin has a capacity of 1,400 litres and is equipped with a distributing auger and a fill-level indicator. It swings back when emptying, making it easier to bring closer to the trailer.

Harvesting machine:
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