Harvesting machine

The harvesting machine combining productivity and comfort.

You harvest quickly and well, in total comfort: you are more efficient for longer. And thanks to PELLENC* Multifunction, you get the most out of your carrier by carrying out all the work in the vineyard at its controls, all year round.

Truly top-of-the-range comfort
  • The cab is spacious, air-conditioned, and well-equipped (Bluetooth radio, USB sockets, numerous storage spaces including a refrigerated compartment, and more.)
  • Heated and ventilated GRAMMER* pneumatic seat
  • Panoramic visibility with optimal visibility over the entry into the row
  • Lots of adjustable settings (seat, armrests, steering column...)

* Depending on the model

Complete control at your fingertips
  • All the controls of your harvesting machine are within easy reach. The EASY TOUCH and EASY DRIVE control interfaces have been carefully designed to be highly intuitive, making it an easy machine easy for anyone to operate.
  • It has a host of of operator-assistance features (automatic parking brake, inclinometer, speed limiter, headland brake*, manoeuvring cameras with a feed to a HD screen, and more).

* Depending on the model

Unbeatable ease of handling
  • The EASY TURN 95° steering system provides an exceptionally short turning circle and manoeuvrability
  • On-the-spot turnaround to move straight from one row to the next with no awkward manoeuvring
  • Low centre of gravity for better stability on slopes and inclines
Impressive work capacity
  • A powerful and long-endurance PERKINS STAGE 5 engine
  • Continuous All-Wheel-Drive (TPI 2 anti-slipping system)
  • Maximised endurance and cost-effectiveness: the EASY POWER system automatically adapts the engine speed to the needs of the tools and the tractor
  • PELLENC Multifunction machines: operational all year round
  • Quick access to all maintenance and greasing points
  • You can continue working effectively at night thanks to its many 100% LED lights, including 2 steering lights
Maximised safety
  • Pressurised and filtered category 4 ROPS (Roll Over Protection Structure) cab
  • The seat has a seatbelt and a presence detector (connected tools are stopped instantly if the driver gets out of the seat)
  • 5 emergency-stop buttons* strategically located around the machine
  • Automatic parking brake
  • Slope and tilt visualisation on the EASY TOUCH console
  • Up to 3 manoeuvring cameras*

* Depending on the model

Optimum carrier

The visibility and sound insulation of the air-conditioned cab are particularly well thought out. The driver's seat can be perfectly adapted to the driver's morphology with multiple adjustments. The GRAMMER* pneumatic anti-vibration seat with vertical and longitudinal suspensions, heated and ventilated, ensures an ergonomic position and support, hour after hour.

* Depending on the model

With the EASY DRIVE joystick on a fixed pivot with backlit buttons, the operator controls by impulse or continuous pressure, without moving his arm. The return to neutral is instantaneous and the reversal of the direction of travel is done in one movement.

All the tools are controlled from the EASY TOUCH touch screen, where each function is represented by an intuitive pictogram. Its location makes it possible to follow both the row and the settings at a glance.

The OPTIMUM carrier literally turns on the spot. Its short wheelbase, fully hydraulic steering modules with 95° rotation and automatic reversing of the inner rear wheel when turning allow a turning radius of only 2.9 to 3.8 m, depending on the model.

The new PERKINS STAGE 5 engines are both powerful and environmentally friendly. They have been designed to optimise the working power range while reducing fuel consumption and are equipped with an exhaust gas treatment system that meets the new technological and environmental challenges.

The intelligent EASY POWER system reduces fuel requirements by automatically adjusting engine speed to suit the tractor and implements, some of which can be operated at as low as 1,600 rpm. ECO mode can further reduce fuel consumption by up to 10% by modifying power management to rev up less quickly and less frequently.

“Learning how to operate the OPTIMUM machine is very fast and easy. Our drivers liked the EASY TOUCH console and intuitive pictograms. The new cab provides space and comfort, for long working hours. We use all the PELLENC range multifunction tools on our carriers; the new steering modules allow us to turn very quickly in the headlands.”

Patrick Henry,
Domaine Isle Saint Pierre – France
A host of operator-assistance features to make your job easier
  • Operator-assistance features: ground detection* enables harvesting at the lowest possible height, high and low stops automatically manage the height of the machine, shaker toe-in adjustable from the cab, bin-fill level display*, bin lowering with a single click...
  • The ACTIV' system automatically aligns the harvesting head with the row and optimises the effectiveness of the shaking

* Depending on model and options

A revolutionary harvesting system
  • The innovative design of the flexible sorting conveyor allows sorting to begin from the moment the grapes fall, increasing the harvest yield by up to 5%: Only 30% of the harvest passes under the lower suction fans
  • The design of the conveyor screen ensures a high capacity: the conveyors only need to run at half the speed of a wider conventional belt.
  • The lower suction fans generate a strong air flow under the conveyor screen to keep leaves from sticking
  • The L-shaped conveyor is open at the back to remove foreign bodies and avoid jamming. It can work at ground level thanks to its Hardox steel protection box
Unrivalled sorting quality
  • The harvest sorter* removes leaves while retaining the juices
  • SELECTIV'PROCESS 2* destemming and sorting: Feed your harvest directly into the tanks, without the need to do it later in the winery
In terms of productivity, everything is better
  • The longest sealing length on the market, from 2.50 m to 2.86 m: this guarantees a high harvesting speed, without wastage, even in high-yield vineyards
  • Total bin capacity of up to 4,000 l*, with simultaneous emptying

*Depending on model and options

The maintenance is effortless
  • The new design of the harvesting head increases the life span of wear parts
  • Daily greasing of the harvesting head is centralised at 9 points
  • The remote-control box* enables the retraction of the suction fans, sorting tables, and destemmers for quick and efficient cleaning: 20 to 45 minutes depending on the model
  • Water column* for easy cleaning from a wide platform* where the operator can work safely.

* Depending on model and options

A revolutionary harvesting process

1. Conveyor tension indicator - 2. Sorting as soon as the grapes fall - 3. L" shaped conveyor with rear opening - 4. Lower suction fans - 5. Conveyor tension lever




L’affichage des informations de pesée sur le pupitre en cabine permet au chauffeur de suivre avec précision :
• La masse présente à l’instant T dans les bennes.
• La quantité récoltée ainsi que le rendement moyen par hectare (depuis le démarrage du/des compteurs d’hectare du pupitre).
• La quantité restant à récolter par rapport à un quota défini depuis le pupitre de la machine

La pesée mesure en temps réel la masse de vendange présente dans les bennes et le système d’alerte associé guide le chauffeur.
L’utilisateur est assuré de récolter la quantité requise pour remplir les pressoirs/cuves ou pour atteindre le quota fixé par la cave coopérative, sans la dépasser.
Il peut régler jusqu’à 2 alertes de quantité à récolter et être averti dès que :
• la masse maximale admissible par le véhicule de transport de la vendange est atteinte.
• le quota journalier est récolté.

Le chauffeur peut générer et exporter des tickets pesée compilant au choix :
• La masse actuellement dans les bennes.
• L’ensemble des données du compteur d’hectare.

Harvesting head

Two position feelers at the entrance of the harvesting head automatically align it with the row. A directional indication appears on EASY TOUCH when the positioning cylinders are at their limit.

1: No deformation over time
2: Integrated fixing sleeves for quick assembly
3: More vegetation-friendly
4: Inner rib improves durability = increased life span
5: New, more wear-resistant material

The PELLENC shakers are now made of a new injection moulded material, which has also been used to optimise their shape.

The movement kinematics of the shaker arms have been redesigned to ensure a smoother harvest for the grapes and vines, while maintaining optimal stall quality.

1. The retaining rim improves the transfer of berries to the conveyor
2. New materials for greater flexibility
3. The "profiled heel" improves the sealing towards the conveyor
4. "Anti-rebound" stop: prevents a sudden impact return to the vine stock: PELLENC PATENT
5. Single-piece articulation for faster assembly

They have been redesigned to be both more efficient and gentler, reducing grape wastage and protecting the vines.

1. Direction of the harvest
2. Feeding fingers ensure a constant flow and evacuate foreign bodies
3. The slatted conveyor selects only the berries
4. The stalks are evacuated at the end of the conveyor

Adjustable from the EASY TOUCH touchscreen and incorporating an anti-jamming sensor, it gently removes the stems from the berries. Its five pairs of long fingers enable flows of up to 50 metric tons per hectare.

*Depending on the model

The variable screen sorting table adjusts quickly to all grape varieties and all working conditions. It gives you up to 99.8% cleanliness**. It has an unrivalled sorting surface area (2.50 m2) for maximum productivity and is positioned to allow the bins to reach their full capacity.

**Testing conducted by the French Vine and Wine Institute (IFV) in 2012 on the Syrah grape variety.

*Depending on the model

Multifunction: productivity all year round.
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