Towed harvester

The new generation towed harvester with high efficiency.

Using the machine is perfectly straightforward
  • Intuitive controls: EASY DRIVE joystick across the range, and a 7-inch EASY TOUCH touchscreen interface on the 60 and 80 models
  • A host of features to assist the operator*: ground detection for harvesting right down to the lowest level, height limit and headland stops, a hectare counter, instant display of lateral tilt, percentage gradient, machine height, bin-fill level, and more.

*Depending on the model

Unbeatable ease of handling
  • Automatic tilt correction

*Depending on model.

Revolutionary harvesting system
  • • The innovative design of the flexible sorting conveyor allows sorting to begin as soon as the grapes fall, giving you up to 5% more harvest: Only 30% of the harvest passes under the lower suction fans.
  • • The screen design ensures a high conveying capacity: the speed of the conveyors is halved compared to a larger conventional belt.
  • The conveyor is open at the back to remove foreign material and avoid jamming Its protective steel housing means it can work at ground level.
  • The remote controls enable the retraction of the suction fans, sorting tables, and destemmers for quick and efficient cleaning.
Unmatched sorting quality

*Depending on model.

  • • Total collector-bin capacity of up to 3 600 litres.

*Depending on model.



Two position probes at the front of the harvesting head automatically align it in the row. A direction indicator appears on the EASY TOUCH touchscreen when the positioning cylinders reach the stop position.

• PELLENC shakers are now made from a new injection-moulded material.

• This new process has also made it possible to optimize their shape. They are reinforced in areas that wear more.

• They have been redesigned to be both more efficient and gentler: grapes are not lost and the vines are protected.


*Depending on model.

• The variable screen sorting table adjusts quickly to all grape varieties and all working conditions.

*Testing conducted by the French Vine and Wine Institute (IFV) in 2012 on the Syrah variety. 

*Depending on model.

Harvesting machine



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