The trimmer for an impeccable cut in perfect comfort.

Fast and efficient, the OPTIMUM Trimmer offers remarkable productivity. Its blade cutter bars ensure quality work, and its easy-to-operate automatic systems make it accessible to all, in complete safety.

Automated systems that make the operator’s job more comfortable

  • The width adjustment of the cutter bars is automatic and can be configured on the OPTIMUM carrier’s EASY TOUCH screen.
  • The upper cutter bars can be folded in hydraulically
  • In order to facilitate manoeuvring at the headland, the automatic width adjustments and folding in and out of the upper bars can be combined with the start-up of the blades.

Perfectly suited to vineyard work


Cutting bar with blades (3).

  •  The high rotational speed of the blades (2000 rpm) guarantees a clean cut regardless of the forward ground speed.

It works at an intense pace

  • Speeds up to 10 km/h.
  • The Trimmer’s road position is set without getting down from carrier.

Safety is assured

  • Carrier stability while working.
  • Perfect guidance of hydraulic hoses during movements.
  • Impact proofing on the vertical cutter bars.
  • Secure blade fixing system (patent):

The sensor in the driver’s seat of the OPTIMUM carrier detects your presence at the controls and automatically stops the trimmer if you leave your seat.

Coupling/uncoupling can be carried out with no need for a wrench. • All connection push/pulls are present on the coupling plate on the front of the arm. Coupling/uncoupling can be done in complete safety and at an accessible height from the ground.

 Ecimeuse 1 rang complet + 2 x ½ rangs

Largeur de coupe

1,25 à 2,75 m

Longueur barres de coupe verticales

1375 mm (4 couteaux)

Longueur barres verticales en option

1715 mm (5 couteaux)

2 paires de modules de coupe supplémentaires inclinables


Longueur barres horizontales

         725 / 1375 / 725 mm

Longueur barres horizontales en option

         1050 / 1375 / 1050 mm

Escamotage hydraulique des barres supérieures

Mise à largeur automatique depuis EASY TOUCH

Automatismes de repliage

Réglage de la hauteur de travail

Bras Multifonction

Réglage hydraulique indépendant de la hauteur des barres supérieures

Correction de dévers



Bras Multifonction

Livrée sur pied palette

        • De série                                     o En option
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