Towed harvesting machine

The towed machine for faster and more efficient almond harvesting

The ALMONDS'LINE towed harvesting machine has been designed for high-density and super-intensive almond orchards. Hitched to a conventional tractor, it brings together the latest PELLENC innovations for faster and better-quality work. Manoeuvrable, productive, easy to use, ALMONDS'LINE harvests your almonds quickly, gently, and prolongs the life of your orchards by protecting your trees and fruits.

With it,, productivity and yield are on the rise

  • A single person can harvest up to 10ha/day
  • Yield of up to 16t/h
  • The best exterior size to usable dimensions ratio on the market
  • Harvesting speed from 1.5 to 6km/h
  • Total capacity of the two bins up to 3,500kg
  • Low maintenance costs (pneumatic conveyor)

Protects the tree and the fruit

  • Unrivalled care for your fruit and orchards
  • Gentle on your trees: 2.6m entrance cone (tree width up to 2.5m and height up to 4.5m)
  • Low frequency shaking that is gentle on the tree

A pleasure to drive

  • Control joystick in the cab
  • Automatic ground and row tracking
  • Slopes up to 10%
  • Headlands from 8m

All the functions of the ALMONDS'LINE are controlled using the EASY DRIVE joystick.

The shaker arms of the ALMONDS'LINE have been specifically designed for almonds.

Equipped as standard

Overall width (m)2.95
Height of the inlet cone (m)3.6
Shaking height from the ground (m)3
Tractor power required (HP)135
Maximum tractor width (m)2.40
120-bar braking system
Tractor hydraulic requirement90L/m to 200 bars LS pump
Number of shakers25 pairs
Lower sealing by scales + flaps
Safety locking of the lower conveyor belt
Pneumatic sorting conveyor
2 leaf blowers
Branch extractor
Bin capacity2 x 2500 litres
Proportional control joystick
On-board computer: hectare/hours counter
Self-guidance via probes
Automatic ground tracking
3 colour cameras for operator assistance
Electronic safety inclinometer
Electronic self-diagnostics
Working lights + flashing lights
Tyres: 480/70R28
2 hydraulic drum brakes
Hydraulic control unit


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