A new concept in crushing.

This new crushing concept allows optimum opening of the berries based on their maturity, resulting in better extraction of juices, polyphenols, and aromatic compounds. Flow rates of up to 25 metric tons/hour.

Crushing based on berry maturity

  • Better extraction (juice, phenolic compounds, aroma precursors)
  • Stabilised colour: tannins-anthocyanins combinations
  • Open berries = increased surface contact between the juice and the skin
  • Reduction in herbaceous taste and bitterness.
  • Pips and green berries not crushed

Optimisation of maceration

  • Shortened maceration time
  • Faster rotation of fermenting vats

Simple and effective

  • Quick cleaning
  • Easy to install
  • Simple, instant adjustments
  • Easy maintenance
  • Up to 25 T/h


Opening of the berries: release of the juice and greater juice/skin surface contact.

Improved extraction of compounds found in the skin (polyphenols, aromatic compounds, etc.).

Adjustments are simple and can be done in real time based on the desired crushing intensity.

Easily installed under the Selectiv'Process Winery and at the output of the Selectiv'Process Vision unit.

Results five months from bottling

Better colour stabilisation: tannins-anthocyanins combinations.


Total polyphenols index (TPI) higher after several months in the bottle.


Tests carried out with the INRA from 2010 to 2012





Available as an option

FlowUp to 25 t/h
Length (overall, in mm)960
Width (overall, in mm)580
Height (overall, in mm)360
Crushed grapes outlet (mm)Ø 450
Machine weight (exclusive of options) in kg66
Electrical power supply16A 3P + T in 400-480V 3-phase
Rated power (in kW)1.5
Mobile frame
Frame drawer beneath Selectiv' Process Winery M & L
Chassis under Selectiv' Process Winery S
Selectiv' Process Vision 2 adaptable hopper outlet

“We tried it out on several varieties of our wines. We were won over by this innovative machine: the system causes the berries to break up in a way that is more favourable for skin maceration, the berries are crushed in a very homogeneous manner, and cleaning is easy: a simple jet of water is enough. "

Domaine de Valdition
Provence Region,," Orgon, France"
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