Selectiv’ Process Winery

99.8% cleanliness* and whole berries!

The high-frequency linear destemmer combined with the roller sorting table allows Selectiv' Process Winery to gently destem and remove all green waste from the harvest.

* according to the French Institute of Vine and Wine (IFV) tests in 2011 on manual harvesting of Merlot grapes

Unrivalled quality
  • 99.8% cleanliness*
  • 95% of leaf stems > 35 mm removed
  • Whole berries
  • Protects the harvest and stalks
  • High sorting quality for large flow rates
  • Tried and tested by over 2,000 users.
  • Quality work in manual or mechanical harvesting
A range adapted to your needs
  • Can be adapted to the harvest (based on the size of the berries)
  • Range adapted to every winery size.
  • Available in S, M, or L as required
Reduction of sorting costs
  • Destems and sorts
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Up to 25% saving on the total cost of destemming and sorting
Simple and reliable machines
  • Simple, instant adjustments
  • Quick cleaning (15-30 minutes)
  • Easy to install
  • Screws made of flexible material


High-frequency linear destemmer.

The berries are gently separated from the stalks by means of vibration: the berries remain intact and the stalks are not chopped up.

On their way to the sorting table, the loose berries pass through the grid conveyor, which avoids any crushing.

Roller sorting table
Preparing the harvest for sorting: the juice and small waste (pips, rejected berries, small insects etc.) are removed and the leaf stalks are redirected by the solid notched feeding rollers.
Sorts the grapes and removes the green waste: stalks, leaves, leaf stems, vine shoots, foreign bodies, etc. (screen rollers with spikes). Sorting is optimised thanks to the design of the rollers and by adjusting the size of the screen to the harvest.




Equipped as standard.
Available as an option

 Selectiv’ Winery Process SSelectiv’ Winery Process MSelectiv’ Winery Process L
Rate (hand picking)*up to 4 t/h3 to 10 t/h7 to 20 t/h
Rate (mechanical picking)*4 to 12 t/h10 to 25 t/h
Number of destemming modules124
Length (overall, in mm)220528302830
Width (overall, in mm)117514601890
Difference in height between entry and exit (min.- max.)
(in mm)
910 - 1,220990 - 1,3001020-1330
Total height (min.-max.) (mm)1,730 - 2,2701,860 - 2,4101,860 - 2,410
Machine weight (inclusive of all options) (kg)6008501200
De-stemming frequency400 to 860 movements/min.400 to 860 movements/min.400 to 860 movements/min.
Rated power (kW)
MaterialStainless steel 304 LStainless steel 304 LStainless steel 304 L
AsymmetricalconfigurationRight- and left-side versions
Right- and left-side versions
Hopper 785 x 950 mm
Hopper 785 x 1300 mm
Height-adjustable roller legs 500-1050 mm
Selectiv' Process Winery support frame above
the Selectiv’ Process Vision 2
Pips/juice trough Brush and perforated base
Remote ON/OFF control unit
Selectiv' Process on/off connection kit
Winery controlled by Selectiv’ Process Vision 2


“We have been using the Selectiv' Process Winery system for three seasons. This system enables high-quality destemming and the removal of plant waste, which makes for fruitier and rounder wines. We have seen the quality of our production increase, the system is easy to adjust, and washing the machine takes just 30 minutes."

Julien Denis
Domaine du Petit Clocher, Maine-et-Loire,, France
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