Pellenc accredits its network of distributors: a new guarantee for users

Press release - 11 June 2019 - Vine professionals must be able to count on efficient and sustainable tools in all seasons. To avoid downtime during the pruning or tying season, their equipment must be serviced with the utmost care. A maintenance process that PELLENC has chosen to overhaul with its network of distributors to make sure the maintenance needs of its users are met.

When PELLENC users entrust their tool to an accredited Pro Activ' Maintenance distributor, they can be sure of finding qualified professionals who know what points to check, work with original parts, and use the appropriate tools. In the words of Marc-Olivier Gourraud, After-Sales Service Director of the PELLENC Group: “For the user, the Pro Activ' Maintenance label is the assurance of a tool that has been thoroughly serviced in accordance with a strict procedure agreed upon by PELLENC and the distributor.”

That service, which is equivalent to one provided by the manufacturer itself, is also beneficial for the distributors, who will be in a position to work faster and handle more requests. In the words of Jean-Louis Comte of SEDEC, an Ardèche-based partner distributor of PELLENC since 1974: “This label is held in high regard by the customers, especially those who work with lots of PELLENC tools. With a quality of servicing equivalent to that carried out in PELLENC’s own workshops,

it gives them peace of mind and reassurance during the pruning seasons.”

To qualify for the label the distributor must meet several conditions, including the following:

• The workshop must have at least one technician trained on the products in question within the last 18 months

• The distributor must have a workshop dedicated to the servicing and repair of PELLENC battery power tools

• They must use original PELLENC parts and consumables

• They must apply the flat-rate fee of €99 (excl. VAT)

• They must lend the user a substitute tool if the user’s own tool will be out of service for more than 3 working days during the pruning season.