A multipurpose electric sweeper for year-round use

Very quiet, the CLEANION sweeper for professionals is as unobtrusive as it is powerful. Multifunctional thanks to its many accessories, it can be used in all seasons and on all surfaces. Ideal for cleaning pavements, school playgrounds, gyms, sports fields, artificial grass, or industrial sites. It is also perfect for clearing snow during the winter months. And with its motorised wheels and wide brush, the sweeper works quickly and with a minimum of effort.

Its quietness makes a real difference
  • Very limited noise, for nuisance-free use at all times in public places, and zero CO2 emissions.
CLEANION takes on one big job after another
  • Powerful (1400 W)
  • Up to five hours of battery life with the ULiB 1500 battery for a work area of 5,600 m²
  • Optimised power and minimal consumption thanks to its four rotational speeds.
  • More efficient cleaning thanks to the reversible rotation of the brush, which means it can be used on all types of waste, from the smallest to the largest.
  • Fast working with a wide brush (100 cm)
  • IP54 sealing means it can be used in all weather conditions
Versatility is its strength
  • Its many accessories (brush, blade, leaf pusher, and leaf collector) make it suitable for multiple uses. And the simple latch system lets you quickly switch between work tools
  • Can be adapted to the volume of material on the ground thanks to the constantly adjustable brush pressure.
Really easy to use
  • ZERO TURN function thanks to the motorised wheels.
  • Easy to move around and use with the steering handlebar
  • Motorised reverse drive
  • Lightweight: <100 kg (without battery)
  • Compatible with the battery models: 1500, 1200, 1100, 750, 700, easily accessible in a compartment
  • Fast programming on the LCD screen.
  • Low maintenance
  • Compact storage position (drive unit uncoupled, handlebars folded down) saves space in between work sessions


The roller easily clears away bulky or wet material, as well as fine dust.

The two rear motors enable ZERO TURN manoeuvres and make it easy to move around. It mounts pavements easily.

Ground speed, rotation of the brush... All the functions of CLEANION are controlled from the LCD screen. An indicator shows the optimal pressure for the brush on the ground to help the operator adjust it properly.

The adjustable support wheels ensure the perfect height, even when working on uneven surfaces.

Dimensions hors tout déplié H * L * l - cm100*160*100
Largeur de travail – cm100
Masse (avec batterie) – kg105
Masse (sans batterie) – kg99
Puissance maxi – W1 400
Vitesse de rotation de la brosse4 vitesses 100 à 200 tours/minutes
Autonomie en surface -m2Jusqu’à 4 600
Maniabilité (Zéro Turn)OUI



Ref. 57164

Snow plough blade

For pushing and sweeping snow.
ref. 57160

Leaves pusher

For leaf removal and pushing hay or manure.
Ref. 57163

Summer wheels

Ref. 57165

Anti-gravel mesh

For sweeping gravel.
Ref. 57161

Tilting collection box

For collecting waste.
Ref. 57162

Hélice composite

Hélice polymère démontable développée pour une poussée maximale avec un minimum de bruit
réf. : 129169

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