Towed harvesting machine

The towed machine for faster and more efficient olive harvesting

The OLIVES'LINE towed harvesting machine is designed for high-density and super-intensive olive groves. Hitched to a conventional tractor, it brings together the latest PELLENC innovations for faster and better-quality work. Manoeuvrable, productive, easy to use, OLIVES'LINE harvests your olives quickly, gently, and prolongs the life of your orchards by protecting your trees and fruits.

With it, productivity and yield are on the rise

  • A single person can harvest up to 10 ha/day
  • Yield of up to 16 t/h
  • The best exterior size to usable dimensions ratio on the market
  • Harvesting speed from 1.5 to 4 km/h
  • Total capacity of the two bins up to 3500 kg
  • Low maintenance costs (pneumatic conveyor)

Protects the tree and the fruit

  • Unrivalled care for your fruit and olive orchards
  • Gentle on your trees: 2.6 m entrance cone (tree width up to 2.5 m and height up to 4.5 m)
  • Low frequency shaking that is gentle on the tree

A pleasure to drive!

  • Control joystick in the cab
  • Automatic ground and row tracking
  • Slopes up to 10%
  • Headlands from 8 m

All the functions of the OLIVES'LINE are controlled using the EASY DRIVE joystick.

The shaker arms of the OLIVES'LINE have been specifically designed for harvesting this particularly tricky fruit.



Equipped as standard
– Not available

 F100FB 15 HD
Length (m)3.402.23
Width (m)1.301.72
Height (m)2.351.5
Max. working height (m)2.502.50
Arm output amplitude (m)2.750.50
Tractor requiredStandard 90/100 HPStandard 90/120 HP
PTO power consumption65 HP at 540 rpm85 HP at 540 rpm
Trunk diameter50 to 300 mm80 to 500 mm
Mobile 3-jaw clamp3 jawsCB15 (2 jaws)
Set of cushions and flaps
Clamp angle+/– 40°+/– 30°
Vibration frequencyAdjustable from 0 to 31HzAdjustable from 0 to 31Hz
Total weight (kg)9501250
UseMulti-trunk and single trunkSingle trunk
Pre-cut plate for tractor mounting
Plate for mounting on front loader
Hydraulic function controls
3-point rear hydraulic unit

* Total working time for typical professional use. This time includes the tool stoppages inherent to the job.

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