Soft Touch 2 leaf remover
On an in-the-row tractor

The high-performance leaf remover for neat work as if done by hand.

The new SOFT TOUCH 2 PELLENC vine leaf remover offers irreproachable results: the work is performed cleanly and evenly, as if by hand. Automatic row tracking ensures a constant leaf removal rate and total respect for the grapes.

It quickly becomes an indispensable tool

  • High forward speed of up to 4 km/h
  • Automatic row tracking with flexible probing to work in all types of vineyards
  • The leaves are picked up by the rollers without damaging the berries
  • No damage is done to the fruit-bearing zone

An enjoyable tool to use, and you will quickly get the hang of it

  • • Simple coupling, hydraulic and electrical connections at breast height.
  • Very good visibility of the row being worked.
  • • Compact, easy to handle in headlands.
  • Cantilever and reduced weight.
  • Machine works quietly.

SOFT TOUCH 2 system

  • The suction module is automatically aligned to the plant foliage surface: it moves towards and away 
according to the pressure applied to the sensor.

Easy cleaning


SOFT TOUCH 2 leaf removing module

The suction of the leaves is through the striations of the suction roller which catches the leaves, in conjunction with the feed roller rotating in the opposite direction. The wide suction area guarantees a homogeneous leaf removal rate over the entire height of the roller without loss of working height.

At the rear, a rotating brush cleans the 2 rollers to limit the deposits of plant debris and ejects the whole leaves, without projection, towards the ground (fall by gravity). This system limits the clogging of the turbine, which does not remove the leaves.


½ rang réversible

1 rang

2 x ½ rangs

Largeur minimum de l’inter rang

1,50 m

2 m

1,50 m

Hauteur d’effeuillage

380 ou 480 mm

380 ou 480 mm

380 ou 480 mm

Commande électrique de toutes les fonctions

Suivi de rang automatique par palpeur

Réglage du taux d’effeuillage indépendamment sur chaque face

Attelage par ferrure et tirants d’haubanage

Châssis MULTIVITI 20

Attelage sur relevage avant du tracteur




Livrée sur pied palette

        • équipé de série                                     o équipé en option                                     - non-disponible

“The automatic tracking of the plant canopy increases the quality of the leaf removal, without the risk of damaging the berries. And the pivoting head enables a very fast turnaround at the headland.”

ETA Romain Pascal
Saint-Emilion, Lussac," Gironde, France"
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