Wire Lifter / Trellising Machine

The 3-in-1 wire lifter / trellising machine

This PELLENC machine lets you lift, trellis, trim, and top the vines in a single pass, with just one tool. With it, you create a uniform and wind-resistant canopy. And your grape clusters get greater exposure to pest-control spraying. Lastly, lifting the leaves improves photosynthesis, ensuring optimal maturity of the grapes.

It does three times more work

  • Three operations at once: lifting, trimming, and attaching trellis wires.
  • Formation of a uniform, wind-resistant canopy.
  • Working speed: 3 to 5 km/h, even with dense plant growth

Its simplicity is what makes it so effective

  • Simplicity: uses lifting wires permanently installed on the trellis on both sides of the row, a system that can be reused each year
  • Excellent ease of handling and 1-click clip attachment
  • Works quietly

Lifts effortlessly

On entry into the row, the two lifting wires are picked up at the click of a button by the operator, who can then position the attachment clips at will.

It cares for the environment

  • PELLENC clips are made from photodegradable and food-grade material

PELLENC clips ensure the proper functioning of the wire lifter / trellising machine. Each model has different tensile strengths based on the thickness of the canopy or its use (first lift).

The wire lifter/trellising machine can work with several types of steel or nylon lifting wires. It is compatible with all posts except those fitted with spacer bars. It uses the wires permanently installed on the trellis.

Coupling/uncoupling can be carried out with no need for a wrench. Coupling/uncoupling can be done in complete safety and at an accessible height from the ground.

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2 ameneurs supérieurs et inférieurs de végétation


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● équipé de série  

“A practical detail that we appreciate is the two upper trimming discs that make it possible to top the vines while lifting the wire. We can do it all in a single run, and without affecting the ground speed!”

Jean-François Roubaud –
Château Nestuby, Cotignac," Var, France"
PELLENC harvesters.
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