TWIN BOX spreader

The two-row vine spreader can be adapted at will.

With a large on-board capacity, this very flexible tool allows you to change your type of spreading simply and quickly.

It’s a real workhorse!

  • Two-rows spreading in a single pass and more with the wide option
  • Carry up to 2.6 m3 of spraying products
  • Working speed according to hectare​ flow rate

Adaptable to any situation

  • • Working precision
  • • Spreading can be by bar chain conveyor belt, rubber mat, or rotors, depending on use.
  • • Multipurpose: manure, compost, fertiliser, soil, and powders.

A clear view of what you are doing and fingertip controls

  • • Rear hatches with simultaneous hydraulic control.


With its two boxes, the TWIN BOX spreader is equipped with two variable speed chain and bar conveyors with a hydraulic gearbox and two hydraulic hatches with mechanical memory. Each belt has an independent control.


  • The rubber belt is used to spread at a low rate.
  • A single run covers more than two rows thanks to its spreading discs.



Double caisse

Volume de caisses

2 x 1,3 m3

Nombre de rangs travaillés

2 (ou plus si option épandage grande largeur)

Protection caisse au chargement, échelle d'accès et béquilles de stockage

Kit épandage compost/fumier (hérissons horizontaux)


Kit tapis bande caoutchouc + réducteur (faible dose hectare)


Kit épandage grande largeur

(disques d'épandage pour couvrir plus de deux rangs)


Kit réducteur caisse + bavettes


        • Équipé de série                                     o Équipé en option    

"The TWIN BOX spreader is very simple: maintenance costs have been almost zero for the past ten years and the changeover from one job to another is very fast and without complex mechanics.

Jean Marc Rieusset -
GAEC de Serzat, Valvignères, Ardèche
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