Multifunction arm
Weight holder

Simple and practical tool coupling.

Fully adjustable and very easy to use, the front arm allows you to equip your OPTIMUM with numerous tools.

Suitable for any user

  • All the arm movements—extension and height adjustment—as well as the tilting of the mounting plate, can be operated from the EASY DRIVE joystick, giving you greater speed and precision.
  • Digital markers indicating the length and height of the arm are visible from the cab, which helps the user find the best working position
  • Each PELLENC tool has a very intuitive interface that displays dedicated icons instead of text

Excellent stability while working with any tool

  • New design for increased precision and stability in movements.

MULTIVITI coupling: 3 minutes tops!

  • Coupling/uncoupling can be carried out with no need for a wrench.

Safety is assured in all situations

  • Optimum stability on gradients and slopes with the weight holder and low centre of gravity.

Approved for on-road driving
Harvesting machine



“22 of our 26 PELLENC carriers are equipped with front arms & counterweight holders, which optimises the time frame for recouping the cost of the investment. They each work between 700 and 800 hours annually.”

Benjamin Banton,
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