Pruning shears
PRUNION (compatible with the pole)

The lightweight electric pruning shears, powerful and sturdy

The PRUNION electric pruning shears for professionals make your pruning work easier and less tiring. Throughout the day of battery life offered by its battery, you get the benefit of its record-breaking lightness (860 g) and its intuitive and natural ergonomics. And thanks to its double connector that allows you to use it simultaneously with another PELLENC tool, you increase your productivity.

You can use the pole to prune your trees up to a height of 4 metres. 

860 grammes, Unbeatable lightness!

  • Pruning shears with an exceptional power-to-weight ratio: 860 g

Power at every motor speed

  • High-efficiency motor for intensive daily use
  • Large cutting diameter (up to 45 mm) for clean and precise pruning of all types of bushes.

Fits any hand

  • Manoeuvrable, practical, and compact
  • Suitable for left- and right-handed users
  • The blade can be adjusted and removed without tools

Adaptable to any job

  • The double connector on the 250 battery lets you work simultaneously with another PELLENC battery power tool. 
  • Long battery life (12 h)

  1. Performance: maximum speed (steady high-speed with half-opening)
  2. Comfort: a compromise between speed and battery life (steady slower speed with half-opening)
  3. On/Off: fast and repeated cuts (fast with half-opening)
  4. Progressive: precision work (fast without half-opening)

Slim and oval shaped, it naturally suits any grip.

It allows a natural management of the half-opening of the cutting head.

  • Équipé en série
Puissance maxi – W1728
Poids – kg0,860
Vitesse du moteur – tr/mn21 000
Longueur – mm298
Diamètre de la poignée ovalisée (h*l) – mm40*38
Ouverture de lame – mm67
Diamètre de coupe – mm45
Mise en veille automatique
Double gâchette
4 modes de fonctionnement
Réglages électroniques des lames
Poignée et tête de coupe pivotantes
Malette de transport
Autonomie* avec batterie 25012h

* À titre indicatif : les durées ont été observées en temps de travail effectif, sans tenir compte des pauses. L’autonomie est influencée par la nature du travail demandé.


  • Équipé en série
Poids (g)8451680
Puissance maximum (w)17301730
Durée de vie moyenne (cycles)8001000
Autonomie moyenne Prunion9h*12h*
Autonomie moyenne Prunion + tronçonneuse M129h*
Mode multi-outils
Gestion des modes d’utilisation
Temps pour charge complète8h5h

* selon conditions de stockage/charge/utilisation


To keep the pruning shears within easy reach.
ref. 118398

Cutting head pin kit

Ref. 123762

Prunion blade kit

Pradines blade.
Ref. 122991

Sharpening stone

For cleaning and sharpening the blade.
Ref. 02322

Grease tube pack

For lubricating the cutting head.
Ref. 35749

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"The Prunion offers more comfort than manual pruning shears. The 150 P battery is so lightweight you hardly notice it."

Mas de la Cappe
Arles, France
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