Manufacturer of winemaking and vinification equipment.

PERA, a company formed in 1896 in the Languedoc region of France, is an iconic example of French winemaking expertise and has been a subsidiary of the PELLENC group since 2014. It is renowned among the most demanding winemakers and major wine producers in France and worldwide for its spirit of innovation, its passion for the craft, and its commitment to the vine-growing and winemaking sector. Its range of products, its unequalled mastery of the processes, and its team of experts make PELLENC PERA OENOPROCESS a vital player in the sector.


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PELLENC PERA OENOPROCESS was built on human values which are the source of its strength. Renowned for the reliability and robustness of our products, we integrate all the requirements of cellars into our equipment right from the design stage.

PELLENC PERA OENOPROCESS benefits from in-depth knowledge of the winemaking business, the constraints involved as well as the true state of the market.

As always across a culture of innovation, PELLENC PERA OENOPROCESS stands out and has been constantly developing new products to develop its processes and offer unique solutions to its customers.

Furthermore, PELLENC PERA OENOPROCESS has become a globally recognised manufacturer of winemaking equipment acknowledge for the reliability of its equipment and its mastery of the wine reception process.

All production at PELLENC PERA OENOPROCESS is made in France, which guarantees the quality and control of the whole production chain.
Every day, 198 people working in 22 different sectors at the Florensac site to produce high quality equipment. We make sure we are highly skilled in our manufacturing and marketing processes.


PELLENC PERA OENOPROCESS recruits experts in their field, and that shows in the quality of our products. Our company has a team of oenologists, a high-tech engineering department and technicians on the ground who analyse your needs, then design and complete your projects.

People are the strength of PERA-PELLENC OENOPROCESS. We recognise our employees for their values and their potential. Training is also important for us. We support our engineers and encourage internal career development.

For PELLENC PERA OENOPROCESS, being close means that every customer counts. We forge close working relationships with our customers, and this synergy makes us more effective in our advisory capacity.


PERA-PELLENC OENOPROCESS is by your side from A to Z: for follow-ups and assistance throughout your projects, with premium-quality service before, during, and after the sale.

It is the guarantee of always having an expert by your side, in the field or in the factory, available to serve the winemaking industry.

Know-how built up over 126 years

126 years of know-how which started with Joseph Pera. He created a blacksmith workshop in Florensac in the Herault region with the goal of working for the winemaking industry which was expanding rapidly at the time.


The company becomes PERA with the creation of the first continuous press for the winemaking market.


The company confirms its innovative credentials with the development of the “aspirograppe” vertical destemmer.


PERA is present in the push press market.


Acquisition of 3 companies: MABILLE, BLACHÈRE and COQ


Launch of the first pneumatic press


Development of the elite tank, a tank for the elaboration of white and rosé wines. An upscale tank for drainage and skin maceration.


New technology: flash détente This innovative vacuum thermovinification process improves the quality of the wines and adapts the final product to consumer demand.


Acquisition of the IMECA company as part of its approach to innovation and expansion by developing its process business.


PERA becomes PERA PELLENC SA and joins the PELLENC group.


PERA PELLENC continues to make progress in innovation and launches Green Cryo, which obtains the silver medal from SITEVI.


Launch of SMART PRESS the new range of smart, high-quality pneumatic presses. Bronze medal at SITEVI 2019


PERA PELLENC creates the first connected press on the market.


High-speed sorting table with automatic “Kliner” settings. 


Creation of the Oenosm'Art range, a thermo-flash detente unit.



Creation of an oak ageing optimisation tool called



Penetration of a new essential market, filtration. PERA PELLENC introduces the FILTR’ACTIV range as well as a new coupling process which wins the silver medal at SITEVI 2021.

PELLENC key figures

Turnover in 2021: €306.4m


manufacturing sites in France, Europe and China


Exports account for 60 % of business



Our expertise in the winemaking process

The PELLENC PERA OENOPROCESS optimises your wine-making processes by providing global and innovative solutions adapted to your needs.

Our products

PELLENC PERA OENOPROCESS offers a wide range of products: reception, pressing, thermovinification, cold processes, oenoprocess, clarification.

“Our expertise and our service to become the trusted partner of winemakers”