Since its creation in 1973, the PELLENC Group has been close to the agricultural sector, green spaces and local communities, and has always placed environmental and social concerns at the heart of our strategy. In line with ever-changing regulations, we are constantly seeking to limit the impact of our activities on the environment and to support the sustainable development of local economies.

Developing sustainable products

Increasing the repairability of our products

PELLENC is committed to designing responsible and sustainable products. Repairability helps to combat programmed obsolescence. Some products are already certified by the Longtime label and other references are in the process of being certified.

Structuring a second-life offer

Between reconditioned products and second-hand ones, at PELLENC, tools and machines have several lives. In order to develop this approach more widely for our Battery-powered Tools, our teams are working to define new offers that are in line with this ambition and meet users' needs.

Designing more energy-efficient products

The R&D teams' approach is focused on productivity and energy efficiency. Each battery-powered tool is meticulously designed to optimise its consumption while guaranteeing a high level of performance. PELLENC aims to further intensify its efforts on machinery and equipment.

Establishing ourselves as a responsible manufacturer

Limiting the environmental impact of our activities by reducing and recycling our waste

The PELLENC Group is working to reduce the environmental impact of its activities through a variety of initiatives, and is looking to work with partners to recycle its waste more efficiently (treatment of computer equipment, etc.). It also raises awareness among its employees about waste reduction: recycling campaign, reduction in the use of paper.

Optimising our water and energy consumption through widespread monitoring and measurement

In order to optimise the use of water and energy, the PELLENC Group plans to identify the buildings that consume the most energy and undertake the necessary investments to improve their energy efficiency. Each of the Group's new buildings will be designed according to the same principles of energy and environmental responsibility.

Reducing our carbon footprint

As part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, an energy audit was conducted across all of the Group's entities. In 2024, PELLENC wishes to implement the first actions identified and strengthen its employees' awareness of their impact on their daily tasks and travel.

Positioning ourselves as a committed economic player

Acting in accordance with our ethical principles in all circumstances

PELLENC is firmly committed to maintaining responsible governance at all levels of its organization. Our group attaches particular importance to the protection of the personal data it uses and to fair practices within its ecosystem. We strive to act in compliance with business ethics regulations. To give concrete expression to this commitment, PELLENC has introduced an ethics charter and a procedure for collecting and processing reports and alerts. Specific training on ethical risks are developed and provided to all our employees.

Supporting initiatives through a structured sponsorship policy

By investing in initiatives that promote social, environmental, and cultural progress, the PELLENC Group aims to create a legacy that transcends its commercial activities. Our corporate philanthropy policy is designed as a lever of inspiration, aimed at catalysing change, encouraging social innovation, and contributing to general well-being. These areas, which are at the heart of our concerns, embody our commitment to shaping positive and lasting impact.

Deploying a responsible purchasing approach with our suppliers

PELLENC has signed a Responsible Purchasing and Supplier Relations Charter and is committed to adopting responsible practices.  A code of conduct for responsible purchasing will also be rolled out to all its partners.

Being recognised as a trusted employer

Define and promote behaviours that promote good living and good working at PELLENC

The company aims to prioritise the well-being of its employees to promote their professional development and offer attractive conditions. In-house are held to promote our values, and a Group-wide policy on Health & Safety has been implemented.  Regular surveys are carried out to assess the commitment of our employees and their overall satisfaction.

Promoting an inclusive policy for people with disabilities

By taking part in the #Activateurdeprogrès movement, PELLENC wishes to promote the employment of people with disabilities within its organization. Developing awareness campaigns and implementing inclusive employment policies are at the heart of our commitment to diversity.

Promoting the role of women in the industry

At PELLENC, we see diversity as a strength, and our commitment to gender diversity is one of our top priorities. Our aim is to create an environment, that fosters equal opportunities and professional development for women within the organization.