Soil cultivator

The electric soil cultivator that avoids the need for chemical weeding

The CULTIVION soil cultivator is a high-performance alternative to chemical products for protecting crops. Powerful, fast, accurate, it increases your productivity, whatever the green spaces and gardens to be maintained. Totally versatile, it can be used for hoeing, soil aeration, or weeding, and is suitable for all types of soil, both on the surface and below. Together you are always ready: its lightness and manoeuvrability make your work easier.

A tool that is ready to get to work

  • Exceptional work quality and speed
  • Up to 885 cuts/minute
  • A powerful tool that can work the soil at the end of winter
  • Using the cultivator once is equivalent to watering twice.
  • Enough battery life for a full day’s work

Highly versatile

  • Effective for cultivating, weeding, or soil aeration
  • Designed for agriculture, vegetable growing, and green spaces
  • Five toothed blades, suitable for all soil types
  • Fast blade changing means you can move from one use straight to another
  • Nine possible tilting angles for working on the surface or at depth

Highly adaptable

  • Adjustable to the user’s height
  • Great ease of handling
  • Compact
  • Stable while working, no need to push the tool

It withstands the test of time and protects the environment

  • Reliable, safe, long-lasting tool
  • An alternative to chemical weed killers
  • Low maintenance


Unlike motor hoes, the CULTIVION remains stable while working, so there is no need apply force to the machine.

CULTIVION blades work with an oscillating motion. This extremely rapid movement (up to 885 strokes/minute) guarantees the tool the power and performance required to facilitate soil penetration. Designed to continue working while moving in reverse, CULTIVION eliminates the need to walk over areas that have already been worked.

With the variety of blades, you can easily adapt to all sorts of working environments in green spaces and gardens. The quick-change blades also make it easy to switch from one use to another without wasting time.




Equipé en série
Equipé en option

Puissance maxi – W380
Équivalence moteur thermique – cm³10
Poids – kg3,1
Vitesse d’oscillations – HZ13 à 15
Cadence de l’outil – cps/mn800 à 885
Nombre de lames5
Positions d’inclinaison des lames9
Pression sonore (LPA)* – dB(A))74
Puissance sonore garanti (LWA)* – dB(A)91
Niveau de vibration Poignée avant (ah)** – m/s²14,4
Niveau de vibration Poignée arrière (ah)** – m/s²10,2
Sélecteur 4 vitesses
Poignée de maintien réglable
Lames interchangeables
Autonomie*** avec ULiB 1200Jusqu’à 2,5 jour
Autonomie*** avec Alpha 260De 4 à 6 h

* Valeurs déterminées selon les normes de mesurage acoustique NF EN ISO 11201 et NF EN ISO 3744.
** Valeur d’émission de vibration suivant DIN EN 60745-1:2009 - Incertitude Kd = 1,5 m/s².
*** À titre indicatif : les durées ont été observées en temps de travail effectif, pauses incluses.
L’autonomie est influencée par la nature du travail demandé.

Blades attachment kit

For optimising blade changes.
Ref. 101003

8 cm blade

For finishing work
Ref. 100422

16 cm blade

For medium and deep work.
Ref. 81251

16 cm V-shaped blade

For working on hard soil and furrows.
Ref. 83849

22 cm blade

For wide and deep work.
Ref. 79779

22 cm blade – weeding

For surface work, weeding.
Sold as standard
Ref. 84125

 “The CULTIVION soil cultivator is very productive and has allowed us to make significant savings.”

Raffaele Maddalo
Pontecagnano, Italy
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