The ideal electric soil cultivator for weeding and aerating your soil

The CULTIVION ALPHA battery-powered soil cultivator is the perfect tool for mechanically weeding, aerating and hoeing all soil types. Whether in vineyards, orchards, olive groves or green spaces, it is well adapted to all types of terrain. A natural alternative to phytosanitary chemical products, it enables rational soil maintenance with longer intervals between watering. Powerful, it offers 3 usage speeds safe and precise plot maintenance. An easy-to-use tool that completes the Alpha range of battery-powered tools consisting of the EXCELION ALPHA grass strimmer and the HELION ALPHA pole hedge trimmer.

Uncompromising versatility and efficiency

  • Up to 885 strokes/min.
  • 3 operating modes: precision, all purpose, intense.
  • Up to 6 hours of battery life.

Extreme versatility

  • 4 quickly interchangeable blades to adapt to any situation.
  • 9 possible inclination angles for for surface or deep work.
  • Compatible with all PELLENC batteries.

Unparalleled comfort

  • Quick-adjust front handle to suit the user's size.
  • Elasticated carrying strap to accompany every movement.
  • Plug & Play system for ultra fast start-up.

Eco-efficient design

  • An excellent alternative to chemical products.
  • Spaced out watering frequency: one hoeing is equivalent to 2 waterings.
  • No noise or unpleasant odours.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions.

CULTIVION ALPHA works with the powerful and durable Alpha 260 and 520 batteries, which are also compatible with the other tools in the range.

Easy to use, ultra maneuverable and stable, the battery powered CULTIVION ALPHA professional soil cultivator starts-up with a simple press of the start button.

  • 8 cm blade for finishing and precision work, while reducing vibrations.
  • 16 cm V-blade for working hard ground and making furrows.
  • 16 cm blade for versatile and deep work.
  • 22 cm blade for surface weeding over large sections and weeding of seedlings.





Max. power - W380
Combustion engine equivalence – cc10
Weight with 16 cm blade without battery - kg4
Weight with ALPHA 260 batteries - kg6.5
Oscillating speeds – HZ13 to 15
Tool speed - strokes/minSpeed 1: 500 / Speed 2: 765 / Speed 3: 887
Battery life*** with ALPHA 260 battery1h30 to 2h30
Battery life*** with ALPHA 520 battery4-6 h


*Values determined according to acoustic measurement standards NF EN ISO 11201 and NF EN ISO 3744.

** Vibration emissions according to DIN EN 60745-1:2009 - Kd uncertainty = 1.5 m/s².

*** For information purposes: the times were observed in actual working time, including breaks.

Battery life is influenced by the nature of the work required.


For optimising blade changes.

ref.: 101003


For finishing and precision work, while reducing vibration.

ref.: 100422


For versatile and deep work.

ref.: 83849


For working on hard soil. For furrows.

ref.: 81251


For weeding over large sections. Perfect for weeding seedlings.

ref.: 79779

« The integrated battery of the CULTIVION ALPHA electric soil cultivator allows for more freedom of movement and its ergonomic design is greatly appreciated. Its carrying strap eliminates the need to support the weight of the machine, while its 3 speed settings allow you to manage the speed of the tool. »

Maximin PAIRE
Market gardener, Mon potager du Mistral, Rousset (13790)
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