Green spaces and urban cleanliness

Green space and urban cleanliness professionals carry out technical tasks in order to develop and maintain parks, gardens, sports grounds, and roads. Those tasks include trimming shrubs and hedges, pruning branches, maintaining flower beds and paths, clearing undergrowth, mowing grassy areas, removing weeds, and so on.

The purpose of these tasks is to keep the plant growth under control so that users of the space can enjoy a pleasant and safe environment in both urban and rural areas. To achieve that goal, landscapers use a wide variety of tools and machines, such as mowers, brush cutters, pruners, hedge trimmers, chainsaw pruners, leaf blowers, and soil cultivators.

PELLENC was the world’s first manufacturer to use lithium-ion technology in battery-powered hand-held electric tools, helping green space and urban cleanliness professionals carry out their maintenance and weeding work to perfection all year round.