Olive growing involves cultivating olive orchards and harvesting their fruit to produce table olives or olive oil. Much of the world's olive production comes from plantations in countries around the Mediterranean; in particular Spain, Italy, Greece, and Turkey. There are olive growers that use traditional methods to produce high-end olives and oils, and then there are intensive or super-intensive plantations that produce "standard" olive oils. In some countries, such as France, olive orchards meet protected designation of origin (PDO) criteria, just like vineyards. The techniques and equipment used by olive growers vary depending on the nature of their operation.

PELLENC designs and manufactures specialised machines that enable olive growers to do their work more easily and efficiently, from pruning the olive trees with electric pruning shears, to harvesting the olives with battery-powered tools such as the shaker rake, or—for more intensive plantations—the trunk shaker and towed harvesting machines. These latest generation machines deliver unrivalled productivity and maximum comfort for the user.